Where are hearing aids manufactured?

iPhones are marketed as “Designed in Californa, assembled in China” Does anyone know if the various HA (U.S. Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, etc) companies do something similar re China. Or are the HAs manufactured in their respective home countries?

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I just received an extra receiver for my Signia Pure X and the little box had a sticker made in Poland.

Thanks, to all who replied to my question. The consensus seems to be that the individual manufacturer does manufacture its own units in its own factories and does not brand them with a “Made in China (or Singapore, or Poland or Thailand, or wherever)” in the same fashion as Apple does with its iPhones. My most recent HAs are ReSounds and Denmark is referenced on the box but I do not see “Made in Denmark” anywhere.


It depends on the hearing aid maker. My Starkey where made in the US. I am only talking about the hearing aids. You can google the brand to find where they are made. It is interesting to see where they are made. Hope this answers your question have a great evening.

All ITE are ‘assembled’ in your locale. The ‘manufacture’ of the chips, faceplates and nearly all RIC/BTE is in China.

It’s a little disingenuous of the manufacturers to suggest otherwise, but some of them seem to like peddling this nonsense.


Doesn’t mean different parts aren’t made in China