When will Resound release a new version of the Linx Quattro

I am ready to replace my Resound Hearing Aids and have been researching various brands. I am considering the Resound Linx Quattro 7. I like the fact that they are rechargeable and have a 30 hour battery life. My concern is that they were first available in August 2018, and the technology may be ready for replacement.

I don’t want to purchase a new pair of hearing aids and then find out a few months later that Resound has released a newer and better version.

Anyone know how frequently Hearing Aid manufacturers update their products, or if there are rumours of new hearing aid technology being released in the next few months?

It doesn’t matter if you pay a new model that just came out today, they are already working on the next, and the next and the next. It is just the way all high tech works now.

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I think I recall my audiologist saying springtime (April/May) is usually when new aids are launched

My hearing aids say “Resound GN” and I got them from Costco about a year ago. Are there better hearing aids that that out now? Thanks!

Which model Resound aids do you have? GN is manufacturer.

Raudrive, thanks for getting back to me! Unfortunately, I can’t find my file right now, but I’m looking! Thanks again.