When will Phonak Brio 5 launched?

The Brio 2 is the V90 and the Brio 3 is the B90 so not the same.

If you search Brio 5 on this forum, some people have managed to get it but not sure why it’s not available now.

Yes, I know they are different in name. But I could not find any differences in their features!

The B-Belong platform boasts the new SWORD chip. But only one model, the Audéo B-Direct had the new SWORD chip, the other models were older Venture models with new cases and a slight software upgrade from Soundrecover to Soundrecover2. Also, the other models didn’t get the new SWORD Chip until announcement of the Marvel/SWORD platform more than one year later.

Check out this feature comparison for Phonak Audéo V90 <-VS-> Phonak Audéo B90 as evidence.

Where did they purchase it, I wonder?

ETA: @nc2kids Where did you purchase a BRIO 5? Costco?

I got the Brio 5 B-675 BTE from Costco Japan. However, Phonak shifted the duo tel feature from t-coil to acoustic phone which is a bad idea for power HA users.

Okay, I think I get it now.

At the time when Brio was first introduced at Costco (2014-Q1) Costco’s Kirkland Signature model was made by ReSound and Costco carried multiple Brio models, including the Phonak Audéo.

When Brio 2 and Brio 3 arrived 2016/2018 (essentially Brio 2 and Brio 3 are the same hearing aids) Costco’s Kirkland Signature model was not made by Phonak and the Costco Brio line still had several models including the Phonak Audéo.

Ah, but in 2019-Q3 here’s what happened to upset the apple cart. Costco’s Kirkland Signature model became the Phonak Audéo M/Marvel. Do you get it? In other words, the Audéo which used to be a Brio model is now a Kirkland Signature model;

Shortly after the introduction of KS9 in (2020-Q1) the Brio 4 was introduced and of course it did not include the Audéo model. Doing so would have created duplicate Costco models with different names (KS and Brio). Does this seem like a game of Three-card Monte?

Now Brio 5 is here, and the multiple Brio models are whittled down to only the BTE model. And, it seems to be available only in certain countries.

I’m not going to make any judgement calls. Let’s just say weird things happen with rebranded hearing aids.

I wonder if the Rogen ON In will work with Brio 5. It is shown as a compatible accessory in Target Program.

All indications are that it would although I have no experience. Do be sure you understand the difference between Roger ON and Roger ON iN and the importance of Roger Receivers before shopping on EBay. It’s not really too complicated, but it’s also easy to screw up.