When will Phonak Brio 5 launched?

It seems that it has been a while since brio 4 is out. I am wondering if Phonak brio 5 is going to be launched this year? Does anyone know which year the brio4 is launched? I am about to get a pair of brio CIC this year, I hope the new gen could be out soon…

New Brio CICs won’t happen this year.
The next Brio 5 will be BTE only.



Brio 5 be based on same technology as KS10, except BTE?

Brio 5 will be the same as Naida P
KS10 is technically not a Phonak device

So Naida P has UP with 675 and a rechargeable that is of fairly moderate power. Will Brio 5 also include the SP Naida M? Not actually sure what Brio 4 line is composed of.

Brio 4 B 13 = Naida M SP

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thank you for the information!

So guessing Brio 4 will be retained to have a SP aid be available? I think they currently sell Brio 3 and 4 depending on what power one wants?

Yes. Brio4 has SP.
and No for the second question, based on my understanding, brio 4 fully replaces brio 3 line product.

So currently there is no UP Phonak Costco aid, but Brio 5 will remedy that situation.

Seems the Brio 3 675 is still available.
Maybe the Brio 5 is replacing that.

That would make sense to me.

Can we expect anything different from the Phonak Naida?
For example, a rechargeable hearing aid, the same power as the UP version of Naida Paradise?

If the KS10 sells as a rechargeable, maybe the Brio5 will be the same? Because some want to have tap control and a motion sensor.

We will see.
If the Brio 5 is UP my bet is it will be like the Phonak UP aids, 675 battery.

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No, you’ll get the same models to what is available to general market.

Brio 5 will be Naida P models although they may have to drop the rechargeable due to short supply of the charger.



The Brio 5 being Naida P, which model will they most closely resemble. P90, P70?


Brio 5 = P90.

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First some history; Originally the Phonak BRIO was a Phonak Audéo rebranded as a Costco hearing aid model, right? Otherwise, why have a Phonak Audéo and a Phonak BRIO?

Then came BRIO 2 and BRIO 3 (essentially BRIO 2 and BRIO 3 are same hearing aids). But still rebranded for Costco.

Something happened with Brio 4. The BRIO Audéo model was no longer available, only BTE’s and ITE’s.

Now BRIO 5 is here and its only BTEs. But we don’t see it listed at Costco. What’s up with that? Why would Phonak want to have a rebranded Naída Paradise if Costco is not carrying that model? Maybe Costco balked at carrying BTE only BRIOs? I don’t get it??

Must be 20

Must be 20

Yep, I didn’t want to cover each and every model. The question still stands. What’s up with no BRIO 5’s at Costco?