When will next generation of Phonak hearing aids be released

I have Phonak Paradise P70R hearing aids and I’m wondering when the next generation will come out. The two things that I’ve never been able to fix are:

  1. Callers complain about the sound quality when I’m on the phone with them and use the mic on the hearing aids. I can work around this using a TV Connector plugged into the headphone jack (this enables me to hear through the TV Connector and then use the phone mic), but it’s as cumbersome as you can imagine.
  2. When walking or jogging with a bluetooth connection (either my Apple Watch or iPhone), audio stream is disrupted with frequent stutters or gaps. It’s almost as if the motion (arm swinging, leg moving) prevents the hearing aids from being able to buffer the stream. The bluetooth connection is solid in a stationary environment (e.g. left on a counter across the room).

Phonak redesigned the antenna location and gave me a replacement pair, but that didn’t address the issue.

The connection time to access the hearing aids via Bluetooth in the app is annoyingly long and as a result, I don’t really use the app much at all. The best thing about the hearing aids is they provide good clarity when working as hearing aids for in-person conversations, and that’s the most important thing for me.

TL;DR: Overall happy with my Phonak Paradise P70R hearing aids, just wondering if anyone has ideas about when the next generation with better phone connectivity will be released.

This might help callers hear you better?

I have the Marvel but it might work for the Paradise?

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You could call phonak or have your audiologist contact phonak but to be honest my experience is that phonak isn’t always open and honest about future aids. I doubt anyone here can even answer if upcoming aids will have a specific feature such as better phone connection, or what that means or whether phonak even considers that to be a problem

Phonak paradise is coming out soon with a health tracker. I was told this by Phonak customer service.