When will Costco Hearing Aid Centers reopen?

Your avatar audiogram is the latest only I believe.

The BTE aids are a touch bigger than the RIC aids. You already know this but the KS9 aids are serious bang for the buck.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning at Costco in the Twin Cities Minnesota. I was thinking about the K S9‘s but if I remember correctly you cannot use a Roger pen with them. I am going to trust the fitter and let him tell me which are the best.

Needless to say I am in overload with all of the good info on this forum. I have taken copious notes and questions to ask tomorrow. Is this Brio4 just one of the models of one of the brands that Costco already sells?

Thank you

The Brio 4 is a Phonak Marvel aid.

Great, how do you like them? How is the Bluetooth wireless connectivity from your iPhone to your hearing Aids? Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

I love the heRing aids, and especially the iPhone connectivity. It is especially useful for phone calls! Sometimes, when I am watching a lot of YouTube videos, the sound can cut out on one side, but that is intermittent.

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