When will Costco Hearing Aid Centers reopen?

I am ready to get a hearing test and new hearing aids from COSTCO, so if anyone hears about Florida centers opening, especially in the Tampa area please put the word out. Much appreciated.

CostCo hearing centers are open here, they never closed nor did the CostCo stores. CostCo sells food, and the hearing center was part of the medical community that remained open. Call the specific CostCo you want to use and get your appointment made. You need an appointment it is not walk in.

I received this email attachment from Costco yesterday concerning coronavirus.


Called COSTCO in Clearwater, FL. They are taking peoples names for apt and will call us as they start down the list this month.

Good question. I was 2 days away from being able to place an order before they close (in Ontario Canada). I’ve emailed them to ask, since other provinces are opening up.

I just called mine in Central California and they’re open. I could have gotten an appointment middle of next week if I’d wanted it. I imagine it varies depending on where you are so give them a call and ask.

Thanks MDB, I called mine in Clearwater FL and they took my name and will call us in order later this month. Yea!

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I just picked up my Rexton Adore Li hearing aids today, from the Nisku Costco in Alberta Canada.

I live in Cochrane Ab. I was able to make a same day appointment yesterday and ordered new KS9’s. I was told I should be able to be fitted next week.

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I just called my Costco at Twin Cities Minnesota and they are still closed. Will call tomorrow if I could at least get a date when they will open. This is all politics as far as I can tell. why are some open and others are closed for so long.?

Apparently the governor has the authority to nitpick and decide which businesses can open and which can’t.

The Costco in my area of Toronto is still closed.There are a few in my area although I haven’t called all of them.

I’m looking to get the new KS9’s and require a hearing test beforehand.

Update: called COSTCO in Clearwater FL, they are fullfilling HA deliveries first, then they will get to those of us that are waiting for hearing tests prior to ordering new HAs. I have been on their list for over three weeks, so they must be very backed up. Oh well, not much I can do but wait my turn. :mask:

Well I finally got a hearing test set up for June 16 at Costco. I am going to find out if my hearing has deteriorated over the past three years.
I currently wear Resound Cala8s from Costco, and thanks to all I have learned from this great forum and Dr Cliff Aud videos , I believe I am well prepared for this apt. I have been comparing the KS9 vs the Resound Preza and have several pages of information on each brand.
Technology has leaped ahead of my current HAs so I am excited to trial them.

I tried ones in Missisauga and westward (Guelph, Kit-Wat, etc). Still closed as of this writing. One would allow me to buy a pair, but wouldn’t do the molds or fitting, so no point aside from resetting my insurance interval.

Curious to hear which aid Costco recommends.
A buddy of mine went in wanting the KS9 aids and ended up with the Resound Preza aids. Costco said his loss was bad enough that he needed the size 13 batteries.

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Seems like kind of a weird comment. The KS9s are available with pretty powerful receivers which should put out same amount of gain regardless of battery size. I can imagine battery life being pretty bad, but that’s a different issue/choice.


I thought so too. The only rational was battery life with a lot of gain. The member I posted back to has worse hearing than my friend who got the Preza aids. That’s why I am curious to see which aid Costco recommends.
Not sure what’s going on with my friends Preza aids but he has had to replace 3 receivers in 3-4 months. That’s not normal at all.

Did the Costco fitter mention the new Brio 4 aids? They are based on the Phonak Marvel generation, like the KS9 aids but with more of the Marvel bells and whistles.

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Thanks guys for your interest. Two points regarding my upcoming appointment.
First, I am not going to say anything to the fitters and let them recommend what HAs they think are best for me based on my hearing loss. After that I intend to use my pages of info to ask my questions.
Secondly, I should have mentioned the Brio 4 . I have an interest in that as well; it has a few more Marvel features than the KS9 from what I have learned. I have never had a BTE before , always used CIC and RIC aids.
I will definitely report what I find out.
Is there a way to post two audio grams on my profile or am I limited to just the latest?

Seems like I’ve heard of some others having issues with Resound Receivers.

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