When will a new Kirkland aid come out?

Anyone have an idea when a new Kirkland aid will come out? I would consider the 9.0 but they no longer have a missing aid tracker. Hoping the 10s will have that back in.

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Should be by February or March of 2021. Just depends on who makes it. If it’s Resound, Phillips or Rexton and it will likely be made for iPhone and have a missing aid tracker. If it’s Phonak, likely not.


Thank you, I missed your post somehow. The aid tracker has been something I’ve used many times. They pop off all the time. I was told initially to really push the dome in but when I did that, although they stayed in far better, the domes would pop off and I’d have to go to the doctor to get them out.

Rexton (and Signia) hearing aids have a very secure dome attachment. I doubt you’d ever have problems with a dome coming off with them. Custom molds also tend to stay in the ear better.

The problem might be that the domes are to big. I would check into whether a smaller done would fit. If so it may well be more secure band it is less likely to come off.


I didn’t know there were band or dome options, thanks.

Time to upgrade my KS 6’s. Does anyone have an idea when the KS 10 will be launched?

I’m guessing next month, maybe March.

Any idea who they’ll be sourced from? A derivative of Phonak Paradise’s would be WONDERFUL, in my opinion!

I really have no idea. In the past it seems like they’d stick with a manufacturer for 2 years (KS 5&6 were Resound and 7&8 were Rexton), but it seems too early to me to come out with a model based on Paradise. If I had to bet, I’d bet on Resound, but I was totally surprised by the KS9 being similar to the Marvel. As already stated: I have no clue, but it should be out within a month or two.