When turning Phonak Compilot 2 on, there is no introduction but connects to bluetooth

When I turn on my Phonak Compilot 2 on there is no introduction voice on my hearing aids but it connects fine via Bluetooth to my computer. Also it does not allow me to do the sound audio test when I press the main button and the connect <> buttons on the side as when I press that nothing happens. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and potential resolutions to the problem? Also resetting does not seem to work either. There is sound when I just press the main button once but then it is not connected as there is no audio.

Thanks for your help

Which Phonak hearing aids are you using with the Compilot 2?

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I am using the Phonak Audéo B hearing aids.

I have the Naida V90 SP and l ordered the Compilot 2 with tv link and remote mic. I will test if it’s similar to your issue.

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Is that Audeo B direct? As they don’t use a compilot.
But if you mean Audeo Belong platform then maybe you need to pair it in the Target software, there’s also a setting for either voice or beeps. Did you buy it new or used?

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Try a new neck-loop. :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll try that, been looking around and noticing that people have been mentioning the neck loops. Much appreciated!

It is the audeo belong

I bought it new but 4 years ago