When to consult a Audiologist (vs the 'fitters' i have already)

hi Ya All, probably I am not the only one:
I have a three year old set from Costco, works ok
I have another from a discount distributor; two year old. Resound Linq Quattro, works better.
However I believe I am not getting full potential out of either set. So would an independent (maybe Brown & Word) Audiologist see me and make recommendations on how to use these to fuller advantage?
much obliged,

Some will work with you, some won’t. You will have to either pay by the hour or they may have a flat fee for reprogramming hearing aids purchased elsewhere. If you find one that will work with you, make sure they are very familiar with the instruments and it’s software. There is a big difference between being able to program and being able to program well. You will want to choose someone who will do Real Ear as well as Speech in Noise testing. When it comes to the box store or online discounters, sometimes you get exactly what you paid for, when you want real expertise, you will have to pay for it.

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You’d be a perfect candidate for DIY, buy yourself a programming device (Noahlink) and get the software for your particular brand, in your case ReSound smartFit for those Linx Quattro’s, it’s super easy, and plenty of people from right here on the forum that can help you along the way,
Good luck.

I understand Costco HA are locked and cannot be programmed by anyone else other than a Costco programmer.

Not all Costco aids are locked. Mainly the Resounds are the locked ones.

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I would think that once you own the aids any lock Costco has on the aids should be removed.