When NOT to wear the Hearing Aid

Just starting week 2 of wearing my first pair of HA with one word describes the experience WOW. Now I want to wear them everywhere to hear what I have been missing the last 20 years. Also learned a couple lessons when not to wear them and would like to pass them on to others who are also new.

Do not wear them when:

Mowing the lawn with a gas mower
Running the tractor
In the milking parlor (cows sure are loud)

Any place where you will be using water/liquids under pressure. One slip of the hose & you get them wet will give you regrets.

Not to walk in the rain without the umbrella. I do not think you should run with the hearing aids because of sweat. Moisture is a HA killer…

You will most likely eventually become accustomed to the new sound enough to wear them in most situations, but agree that using them in situations where you are exposed to genuinely loud noise is not recommended, so continue to mute them when you are mowing the same as most people should (but generally don’t) wear ear protectors.

Other situations which frequently come up that you may or may not have experienced already with the hearing aids in are flushing toilets, first time your phone rings and you are standing right on top of it. Sounds like you live in a rural area but just in case it’s relevant, if you hear a siren in the distance mute that hearing aid until it passes you by - a fire engine rattling past your newly amplified ears is … shall we call it unwelcome!

Found two more things the PA at the grocery store and someone honking the horn. Still wonderful to hear music again clearly

Do not wear hearing aids (or turn off your hearing aids) when something is too loud for you or anyone else to carry on a normal conversation.

I find this to be when I am operating anything that is driven by a small internal combustion engine, or a very loud brush motor (vacuum cleaner, electric leaf blower or mower, hair drier, compressor, pressure washer, etc.)

I also turn them off when in the supermarket or department store with screaming kids in the checkout line next to me or loud PA announcements.

I also turn them off when a very boring person is telling a seemingly endless and/or meaningless story (I have had a lot of practice at looking as though I am actually listening).

The loudest noise I’ve been around, we have a Scarlet Macaw, she managed to scream right as I passed her cage yesterday; she sure got my attention!

I turn my volume way down when I’m in Home Depot or Lowes because both stores fork lift beepers cause my HA to re-boot whenever they get close to me when my HA are at normal volume.

I always take mine off when working with lawn equipment, and I wear the earmuff style hearing protection.

I guess the relevance of taking or turning them off when you are in a loud environment relates a lot to the type of mould you have. I talked about muting the hearing aids because I have a fully enclosed deep canal mould, when the hearing aids are off these act as pretty effective earplugs. When the hearing aids are turned on, the maximum loudness I can receive through them is the maximum output figure set for me because I have my ears fully plugged up. If a sudden loud sound came at me the hearing aids would clip that off pretty effectively using the gain control.

For someone who has skeleton moulds or open domes then muting the hearing aids may not bring the noise under the safe limit as extreme loud noise would get in through the domes anyway. Muting would be ineffective as a form of noise protection. If a noise exceeds 85dB for an extended exposure (if you are operating farm machinery for hours at a time, day after day) then you still need standard ear protection, even if the noise does not seem uncomfortably loud any more because of the hearing loss.

Do not wear the HA’s when striking a arc from an old stick welder… Thought I was trying to weld my ears together. Actually missed what I was welding and caused something else to break

But WOW the sounds I have been missing for the last 20 years. Can now hear the crickets at night

while running the tractor for 2+ hours or weed wacking, or running the blower I can mute my aids and it’s ok but I don’t want all that nasty dust getting in them. I have a nice light pair of muffs that I have jury rigged the ear bugs from a cheap mp3 player inside. so, when I mow or work outside for long I have zero noise and tunes.