When are new models of hearing aids typically released?

Are there maybe some big annual conferences where companies like to roll out their new models? When do those occur?

I’m really close to having to order a new pair, I’m just wondering how much longer I should wait in case something new comes out. I would think maybe there would be some announcements of new stuff coming out in the 4th Quarter of this year, maybe in September, but who knows.

Phonak released the Virto Paradise back in March, does that mean we won’t see anything new from them for a couple of years? I would really like to see Phonak add bluetooth to their Virto Paradise CIC, the Virto P-Titanium, as an answer to Starkey’s Evolv AI CIC with bluetooth…but who knows if that will ever happen. You would think that the Titanium shell would make for an excellent bluetooth antenna.

My experiences is about every 2 years the hearing aid companies update their hearing aid models. My More1 aids will be 2 years old early next year believe.

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As far as an event that precipitates new product announcements, I’m not aware of any. The manufacturers seem to put out press releases and then start pushing their product with HCPs with whom they have relationships. Sometimes there are folks that get hints. Never sure how far to take the leaks as far as believing them. I’m hoping the contract renews right after the new generation for my current HA’s come out and are available, and then my 3 year contract comes up right after that. Lots of things to string together there.



After they start to lose market share?

I’m sure they trend the industry; perhaps even the forums…


The top menu bar of this site has a Products entry. On the mobile version it’s in the “hamburger” on the upper right. There’s a Brands entry under Products, with each brand listed under it. Each brand entry contains a list of product releases. That’ll give you some idea of what’s happened in the past. Not every product release represents a major technology release, of course.

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The pattern seems to be every two or three years. It’s not like the record company who likes to release albums in November so people will buy them for Christmas