What's up with price of hearing aids Dotcom


What’s up with this funny mirror website http://pricesofhearingaids.com/ displaying our old HearingAidForums topics/threads/discussions which appear to be translated into another language (German maybe) and then back to English?

Hahahaha; In one post where @pvc had said;
Heavy Sigh…
it got translated to
Substantial murmur…

@z10user2 pointed out this website. I think the contents are from the old HearingAidForums site. I didn’t see any newer postings.


If you click on “Recent” you’ll see something from the 13th. They’re really sporadic though. Long jumps of time. There might be other content. The translations are interesting though.


:rofl:Like on 06 Apr 2017 when @MDB said;

Neat “parlor trap” despite the fact that could be valuable on the off chance that some individual is frequently in a room that expects yelling to impart or yelling and afterward strolling in earshot. Appears like more valuable application would be in an uproarious area and place telephone close to the individual or individuals you need to listen. Much obliged!



Or, on 03 Feb 2014 where @rasmus_braun said;

With the Streamer associated and empowered in the product, you can have up to 4 programs. Without it, there’s just a single program accessible. With respect to the volume control, maybe you’re as of now at the greatest yield of the collector and it won’t go up any higher.



Maybe this is a search engine optimization scam? But I don’t see the purpose behind it?


This is an old trick - usually for serving ads with other people’s content. I used to see this a lot for my sites.