Whats the different between environmental optimizer I vs II?

I’m trying to compare the differences between mono fitting features and binaural features…

Environmental optimizer 1 is the same as Environmental optimizer 2 for mono config?

The biggest difference is Environmental optimizer (1) is gain per environments only and Environmental optimizer 2 includes gain and noise reduction per environments.

Does it really make any different to have different noise reduction level in per environment settings? this seem like a fine grain control feature?

I really don’t think it is justified to spend money to just unlock one mono aural feature…
Any other things missing from 9 vs 7 for mono aural ?

Am just remembering what ReSound reported in an Audiology Online course but fine-grained noise reduction can be important to speech recognition. For the Quattros, ReSound advised in speech situations never to use more than the “Considerable” noise reduction setting. The “Strong” noise reduction setting is designed more for situations with noise and no need to understand speech as it eats into the quality of speech too much. I guess if the noise is really problematic in understanding speech one can always use “Strong” to help and see how it works relative to “Considerable.” But perhaps as with so many things in life, the basic features are most important, and the premium things are reserved to extract more money: you pay a premium to get the “premium” stuff! And there doesn’t seem to be any objective way for an individual other than trialing different levels of the same HA to find out for themselves how much of a difference the premium features will make to their own listening environments.


What kind of noise reduction are they talking about?

It’s the Noise Cancellation “Noise Tracker ll” you can adjust that yourself depending on your environment.

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It seem like moderate is best for in speech in noise before it hurts speech perception… I think the setup i have is fine and I think i have it on moderate