What's the best hearing aid for severe hearing loss user like me?

I’ve been hard of hearing since birth and I’ve worn hearing aids (ranging from the old FM units to the Oticon Digifocus II digital hearing aids) since I was 2 years old. I will soon be graduating from grad school, have a ‘relatively’ stable finance job, and will be looking forward to do an MBA. I’m looking to upgrade my 5 year old Digifocus II hearing aids to the best possible hearing aids for the next 5 years or so.

What hearing aids would you suggest given my severe hearing loss? My audiologist has suggested the Oticon RITE Power Epoq. I saw a lot of press about the Lyrics as well. I would like to know your recommendations where cost is a a minimal factor (health and technological benefits trump cost for me). Aesthetics may also be more important for me now than it was to me in the past. That’s mainly because of my willingness to try something new as well as girls and me being young still. :smiley:

I have severe hearing loss and I have attached my audiogram. My audiogram is here: http://gkumar.com/files/Audiogram.pdf

A penny for your thoughts?


What does your audiologist suggest? From what I understand, the type of HA’s one wears is dependent upon the kind of hearing loss they have.

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I’m not an expert, but I’d ask your audiologist about Phonak Naidas or another Audiologist if necessary.

my son moved up from Digifocus II to Phonak Naida. It’s leaps and bounds better. He has a cookie bite loss with only his worst hearing in the middle frequencies as low as yours with 20-30 db better at the lows and highs.

Phonak Naida is good for me too…but I have to warn you…it might take a bit for the audi to configure it to your preferences…It took me only 7 configuration visits (Phonak rep support in 5 visits) I was pretty picky…and I have use of a Smartlink SX (bluetooth capable) with 2 FM receivers. That’s where some of the issues were from…

looks like the phonak naida is a popular choice. Has anyone used the epoq power rite? I’m not sure what the diferences are between the power domes and custom fits ( as well as the other types ).

My audi allowed me to upgrade from the Epoq XW to the Rite P with nominal cost. I’ve had them for 3 weeks with the custom molds. My hearing loss is severe and I cannot express how happy I am with them. Not being familiar with all brands out there except Audibel and Beltone which I think are crap because of the unethical treatment I have received from their distributors (used car salesmen) over the past 30 years, I can honestly say the Rite P is a quandum leap ahead.

3-Putt, thanks for the reply.

I’m confused on the different type of molds/fits as I’ve only used molds/tubes. There are:

  1. RITE Power Mold
    The custom mold is shaped like a canal instrument. It is available in 3 skin tones. The RITE Power speaker and mold are pre-assembled for your convenience but can be assembled in-office.
  2. RITE Power Dome
    Disposable double dome solutions in sizes 8 mm, 10mm and 12 mm make instant fits possible. Ideal for moderately severe losses in permanent fittings or product trials. Easy in-office assembly
  3. Power RITE custom mold solution

Does anyone of pictures for these three models? And how does the sound quality vary among these three?