What's best, cheapest AID to DIY program

I’ve got Starkey’s WI110’s. They’re a bit older now. I’ve had them for some years. I bought them used. When I got them I took off the custom molds and put on 40DB wires. I’m now at 50DB wires.
My main issue with the used aids - programming them. If I can find a shop to do that, they want $200 each time I come in. I’ve done that 3 or 4 times and I’m just not satisfied. And they don’t want to keep re-programming, but want another $200 each time.

I’m turning here as a solution. Many here have been tuning their own aids. I want to join the gang. I’m wondering, prior to getting set up, if I should look for an easier-to-program aid. Easier - being easier to find software, cheaper to buy what is needed to fine tune them, etc…

So, prior to beginning, I’m wondering which aids are easiest to program. I have access to an Iphone 6S+. I admit, I’ve not kept up with hearing aid development, so I’m reaching out here. Can aids now be programmed via Smart Phones. Am I best off keeping what I’ve got and investing in whatever I need to program these Starkey WI110’s or would it be easier to search for newer used aids. I’m pretty good at that.

Please advise and comment. I need to get up to speed. For sure, my current programming of these Starkey WI110’s is inadequate.


Do any pros hang around this forum? They would be the ones with experience with different manufacturers. Right now, I’m totally in love with Connexx (Rexton/Siemens/Signia/Costco KS5 + KS7). I’m programming my new Costco KS7 aids, and finding the software really easy to figure out and use, and effective. There’s also good training material on audiologyonline.com. That helps. My other experience has been with Aventa (Resound) and iPFG (Phonak), both of which seem way clunkier than Connexx. But again, I’m really an amateur.

As for what’s cheapest, that really depends on how/where you’re buying the aids. I’ve always bought my aids on eBay, so I’ve been getting technology that’s at least a couple of model-changes behind. Prices fluctuate a lot. The l bought on eBay were a pair of Phonak Exelia 311s. They cost about $135 I think.

Thanks, Corona, I bought my aids on Craig’s list. I took the chance and was lucky. I know I could get more out of them if I could program them myself. I haven’t seen much of folks self programming Starkeys.

In my city, the Craigslist listings are a joke. I’d be amazed if anybody ever sold a hearing aid this way. People have the most extravagant notions of what the things are worth. I finally found a deal – Resound Linx2’s for $300 – but one was broken, and they were pretty obviously stolen :confused:

But good on you! What did you buy?

I bought my current Starkey WI 110’s. It must be 3 years ago. I got them for $200 from a widow, but was too unaware at the time to get the Surflink that was offered with it. Also, over the years I’ve paid more than $600 for programming, including the 2 times that I changed out my wires. These were Starkey’s high end aids for a while. I checked to make sure they weren’t stolen and since then I’ve had them repaired through a HA sales office so now they are registered to me. Starkey’s real good about repairs.
The real issue with this kind of buying is that it’s hard to find an office to deal with afterwards. Audi’s like to sell AND service their own. Much more profit that way. I’ve never had a good adjustment/program done to these H/A’s. I pretty much just take what they give me when they input my hearing stats. That’s why I’d like to program my own.

I live in an area with lots of Veterans. I’m jealous that they get H/A’s from the VA. I don’t know of any insurance agencies that provide them especially with Medicare.

If you can find an ENT with an audiologist on staff, they are about the best choice for orphan aids. Mine charged a one-time fee of $75 extra and they supported those aids until I got others.

An ENT has ethical restraints and shouldn’t deny support.

When I started down the DIY road, I was lucky to find an audiologist – who works in a small outlet for a big chain and asked that I keep their identity secret – who really helped me out a lot. I had been a few other places, including a well-respected non-profit, and been flat-out refused service, or told I could sign up for $600. (ENTs where I live don’t dispense hearing aids, and I’ve never heard of one with an audiologist on staff.) So much for the ethics. Although like I say the sunny side was this person who was really helpful, friendly, and supportive. And who didn’t charge me anything, either, at least not until I bought a pair of custom earmolds from them.

Oh, no! [That’s a facepalm, but a sympathetic one.]

Sorry allenmoretsky;
There is no one best, cheapest AID to DIY program. Try asking questions that are more specific and ask them here in your original thread in order to avoid thread crapping. Meanwhile, I suggest that you click some links in my signature line below and read…

PVC, Thanks for the reply and thanks for teaching me how to search the correct way. Didn’t know the search engine here was so good. I’ve typically used Google and searched (via duckduckgo) and often was led to this site. Appreciate this.