What Would It Be Like If Aids were Deregulated?

No FDA or State regulations!

Deaf? You would go to your ENT or Audiologist for a physical examination, just as now. If you are in the 90% (estimated) who simply have a age related loss (SNHF) you would have unlimited choices of how and where you buy your aids.

You could buy your aids from the audiologist probably at a much lower price than you now pay and arrange to pay additional for services and adjustments as needed. Just like with an MD.

Or you could go to the drug store or WalMart and pick up a pair of aids at a small fraction of the cost from today’s licensed sources.

But these drug store aids will not be like the aids we have today. First they will come with a package of a half a dozen snap on molds to fit most canals. Second they will come with a small simple remote control that has buttons for stepping through a dozen or more settings for the most common types of loss curves and compressions. And they will be sold by the giant drug stores or retail chain stores with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Or you could buy them from Amazon etc.

Because of mass advertising, aids are no longer considered to have a stigma attached. And because of the ease of purchase and guarantee the 20 million (in USA alone) that are hard of hearing but do not wear aids would be brought into the market. And prices will be commensurate with other similar electronic goods.

The other 10% that have severe/profound losses or disease, or are children, or infirm, or are affluent must or will use the professional services.

Dream on Ed

there is nothing like the FDA outside of the US,
in many countries Hearing aids are not subject to regulation…

While the price is lower, some countries the price are not significant lower…
there is a learning curve to fit hearing aids, and there is a potential pitfall
when fitting hearing aids with no knowedge…

By the way, Does somene remember the Steve allen comercial when he had
this hearing aid, in many countries this aid is being sold over the countries and it had really help to grow the industry as it is an uncosmetic solution
some people had tried it and it had decide it works for them and they have
bought hgher price instruments…

It is now posible to buy this tipes of aids from china or ussrr from like 20 to 50$

For whatever use you can make of this info…Last year I bought some aids direct from China. The aids cost about $130 each. They were WDRC 4 Channel BTE with VC, feedback suppression and available with directional mikes. Not too bad but the only fitting software in English was so crude as to be almost unusable.

Think about it though. Here is a pretty good aid made by a reasonably decent fully accredited company selling for just $130. This of course did not include shipping, fitting or any service or guarantee. I think the DSP and parts were substantially the same as any top brand. The algorithm I think was a copy of the low priced Phonak of a couple years ago. These aids might be satisfactory for someone with uncomplicated mild SNHF.

The cost would be about $210 each from a retailer.

Just info…really no point being made… Ed

Sure, you could make the same argument for drugs. Imagine how cheap drugs would be if people could just go on WebMD, diagnose themselves, and then wander into WalMart a pick up a dose of antibiotics and some vicodin right over the counter.

The regulations protect people with a health issue, by ensuring that qualified licensed people are helping them. The mark up in hearing aids allows these professionals to make a living and keep their doors open.

If I sold hearing aids at $200, I’d be out of business. Then my patients would have no one to turn to to get help and adjustments.

You talk like audiologists are all driving around in $200,000 sports cars and living in mansions. The bottom line of a hearing aid business is no more or less impressive than any other kind of health care company.

because, there are counceling aspect to HA fittings and other activities such as real ear verifications, impressions and what not… I see it very difficult that
you could get aids in a farmacy for 100$…

the products are getting more complex, and part of the art of being an audi or his is to pick the product that would best benefit the client given the constrains…