What type of mobile phone do you use?

I have no idea what you think is unique about it, aside from the single pairing limitation. Aside from that, it’s about as standard as you can get.

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iPhone. They’re free. I get my daughter’s hand-me-downs. Work great with my Resound’s.


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Darylm, when you were using the Marvels, did you notice that when you would simply “Disconnect” the Marvels, after a few seconds they would automatically reconnect again? I found it was impossible to disconnect my Marvels and the ONLY way I could connect to another device was to totally “Forget” or actually un-pair my Marvels. That seems to me to be why the Marvels require the un-pair/re-pair dance to change paired devices. Wouldn’t it seem that fixing that would make the Marvels work like Bluetooth Classic should work?

With all my other Bluetooth Classic devices I can simply disconnect and reconnect quickly with any device. It’s only the Marvels that don’t allow that to work and require an actual un-pairing.

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I don’t recall that specific detail. However, how a device handles connection and disconnection is different from pairing. Pairing is a specific process where two devices share information, including encryption keys, that is used by the devices to connect with each other. Every time two devices are paired with each other, the information is different. This is why if you pair the marvels with one device, then pair them with another device, then you return to the previous device, the pairing no longer works.

Pairing is a prerequisite to connecting. The exchanged information must be retained in both devices. Apparently the marvels can only retain one pairing, so if the marvels are within range of the device they are paired with, it’s not surprising that they will try to connect to it. If the device they are paired with is not in range, but another device is in range, they will try to pair with it.

I did a test using my connectclip. With three paired devices in range and bluetooth turned on, if I disconnected it from one device, it would connect with another device automatically. It usually connects with the device that it’s closest with, but not always. Sometimes I have to turn bluetooth off on a device to keep the connectclip from reconnecting with it. I also tried turning bluetooth off on two of the devices, resulting in the connectclip connecting with the remaining device (in this case, my android phone). I disconnected the connectclip. It stayed disconnected until I turned bluetooth off and on again, then it immediately reconnected. I guess this isn’t surprising. There is nothing else for it to do. (It has a specific pairing mode.)

I don’t recall if the bluetooth standard actually proscribes how this is supposed to work, but even if the marvels stayed disconnected after you disconnect them, that would not solve the pairing issue, because they only retain one pairing. The only behaviour they support is to connect with the paired device if it’s within range, otherwise try and pair with another device.

I hope that helps.

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That jumped out at me :slight_smile: If you’re interested you can choose a flag in your profile.

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I was thinking about remote mics and TV streamers when I made that comment, although perhaps with an iPhone, one is going to need a TV streamer, too (would be cool if direct streaming to HA’s came built-in with Apple TV). The iPhone can function as a remote microphone as well as a streamer. But just one extra device is one extra thing that you have to keep track of, make sure it’s charged, etc. I like my Phone Clip+ alot but it’s also one more device that the HA OEM can rip you off at a tremendous markup, too. So that would be another beef - the Android “solutions” to streaming are expensive proprietary devices where the OEM has you over a barrel and enjoys an outrageous markup if you don’t shop around. So props to my audi who sold me a PC+ at a bargain basement price ($175) whereas even on Amazon the current going price is quoted as $275!

I’ve been IOS since first iPhone came out. As I’m not IT savvy and the iPhone is geared for the CI and Resound I won’t be changing anytime soon…

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I use an Android because it lacks iOS :smiley: As a Phonak user there is no advantage for me using an iPhone.
Using a streamer is no problem as I need at least 2 different bluetooth connections at the same time anyway. And with Android I have full control with which bluetooth protocols the devices should connect (bidirectional HFP or "uni"directional A2DP). This behaviour ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) seems not to be available for iOS.


iPhone 8 with my Oticon Opn 1 miniRITE’s. I can now actually have a conversation on my phone, something I couldn’t really do even with my previous aids unless I was on speakerphone. I also do a fair amount of streaming (podcasts and audiobooks, mostly; for music I wear headphones over my aids).

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Going from a single HA to a pair made an amazing difference for me on the phone and skype.

Although my loss in my right ear is mild, I chose to go with two aids from the get-go, and have never regretted the decision. Several times in the past year I’ve had to send my right aid in for repair/replacement, and I’m always amazed when I get it back how much of a difference it makes in all aspects of hearing.

I use the iPhone because Apple does not consider you to be a “product” to sell to advertisers as does Google/Android. I was in a meeting of tech security specialists recently and the lecturer asked for a show of hands: who had an iPhone an who had an Android.

It was almost unanimously iPhone.

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I use both Android and iPhone. My primary phone has been an Android, but when started using HA 6 months ago, the iPhone debuted as my main phone because MFi.
I’ve tested Signia, Oticon, Reound and Phonak. All them are iPhone enabled, but Phonak which works on both (iPhone and Android) using the bluetooth stack. And Phone sucks on it. So, the iPhone is right now my primary phone.

Still use a dumb phone (flip phone). No need for anything else, I will use my laptop to go on to the internet.

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Abram, which make and model of Android phone do you use? And I’ve always been curious which HA you use?

I have an Android Pixel 3 XL and Phonak Marvel M90-R’s.

Currently don’t use aids, but obviously spent thousands upon thousands of hours fitting and troubleshooting aids :stuck_out_tongue:

I currently use an LG G7, which is ok, but the camera isn’t great in low light or when capturing motion (like my kids)… My wife’s Google Pixel 3 has an amazing camera… Another gripe about LG is the lack of updates. Still no Android Pie for me. I only bought it because T-Mobile had a BOGO offer. My dad is using the extra one :slight_smile:

This sounds like a good setup.

Kate and I both have Pixel 3 XL’s and Marvel M90-R’s. We’re quite pleased with both the phones and the HA’s. And yes, the Pixel camera is amazing. I never thought a phone camera could be this good.

I’m amazed at the results of your survey so far. Since you’re surveying a select group of HA users, I would have expected a huge majority of iPhone users because of MFi. Instead the balance is tipped in favor of Android right now!

Seems fairly predictable give the market share in the US for Android, but yes, I agree with you @TraderGary!

iPhone 11promax iOS 13.6 with soon to be delivered Resound Preza rechargeable