What type of mobile phone do you use?

  • iOS (iPhone)
  • Android
  • Other smartphone
  • Dumbphone

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For what? I’m currently using 2 phones. One Android, the other Blackberry. The Blackberry is my primary. The Android is for dabbling. The Android obviously does Android stuff better than the older built-in runtime Android in the Blackberry.
My HA’s don’t have any connectivity other than the rarely used control app which is high-pitched sound not radio.

So I don’t know how to answer the poll! :slight_smile:

I saw a report on CBC National last night which said that the Blackberry messaging system (BBS?) has been officially shut down.

I was using the old Windows phones, then Android until the VA offered me connected hearing aids that is when I gladly switched to iPhone

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I use an iPhone but I find the volume to quiet. My dad has an old Motorola phone and the volume is super loud.

I still use a Samsung flip phone. Do not need anything else.

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Your response is better than a poll vote, thanks!

Yes. That was their instant messaging platform BBM. They still have an “enterprise” version but the “consumer” version was shut down yesterday.
The app system will be getting shutdown the end of this year too.
The standard browser isn’t great either. In fact…it doesn’t work here :slight_smile:
The wifi has problems with some free wifi’s like at some food outlets. But that’s security…what Blackberry’s are known for.
My dabbling with an Android has really made me pause to re-examine my attachment to Blackberry OS10. Blackberry makes Android phones but they’re over my budget. I had an earlier Android 2 something but the newer ones are much better.

I recently put a pre-order in for the fxtec pro1 - it’s the first modern smartphone in landscape format to have a physical keyboard, a format which I’ve missed! There’s an event this Tuesday where they’re letting people who have pre-ordered one see it before it ships, and I’m very excited to check it out in person.

A long time ago I had a T-Mobile sidekick 4g which I LOVED to bits, as well as an HTC Desire Z and the original Google G1, all keyboard phones. For me, a keyboard is more important as I prefer to use email and SMS rather than calls.

My last company phone was a Blackberry. It was OK, but the whole system tied you to work 24 hours a day. Glad that I am retired now!

Asuming your KS7 is MFi, I would go with an iPhone. I have used the i5, i7, and an android cast off from my wife. It is nice to use the direct streaming to your ears with the iPhone. Costco have a SE for $300 with I recall 32 GB of memory, or a $400 SE with 128 GB. A friend just got the 128 GB model. He says he misses some things from the android he was previously using, but is getting used to the Apple world. I did not use an Android long enough to form an opinion on it. I have also set up my wife’s Moto G6 android, but don’t use it. It is surprising how much alike they are though.

I have two phones, android and ios.

Well…to be fair, that’s not a Blackberry thing, that’s an employer thing.
The KS7 has no connectivity (other than an external proprietary device).
I am historically, philosophically opposed to all things Apple. But that topic has already been covered in that other thread. I have some philosophical opposition to Android/Google too but there aren’t any other current choices. I’ve dabbled with a Windows Phone. Not bad. Defunct. Blackberry OS10. Great. Defunct. Sigh.

Surprised expen$ive Apple phones outnumber Android. In the world as a whole, Android has 75%, iO$ 22%.
Maybe it’s because iOS was a couple years ahead in working w. HA?

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The figures you’re quoting are for the world as a whole. In the U.S. it’s closer to Android 52%, iOS 47% or so as of March, 2019.

Don’t know everyone will be able to see above, it came up from a Bing search, may not be viewable directly.

And amongst HA users, it’s something like a 3:1 ratio iOS to Android because of MFI. HA’s work better with iPhones without a lot of expensive accessories you need for Android (except for Marvels, which there is the debate about classic BT, etc.)

iOS was more than a couple years ahead of Android for phone compatibility. There is still not a fully worked out Android System. Phonak has a proprietary system that has some compromises. If phone working directly with hearing aid, iOS makes sense.

It is just one small accessory device, and it allows the hearing aids to connect to any bluetooth phone, truly hands free, plus it connects the hearing aids to any other Bluetooth transmitter, like tablets and laptops.

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I understand from Wiki that MFi started out as Made for iPod in 2005, so it has been around for a while. The name was later shortened to MFi as it was added to iPhone and iPad devices. Here is a bit of info on it.

iPhone Hearing Accessibility

Apple clearly beat Google on this feature. Seems to me that at the end of the day getting a basic iPhone is less expensive than buying the other devices need for streaming with an Android. The real cost of a smart phone is of course the monthly plan bill…

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I’m not sure I agree with using the word proprietary here. It has been my understanding that they’re using standard bluetooth.


You have it backwards. MFi is proprietary, licensed by Apple. Phonak is using Bluetooth Classic profiles, A2DP and HFP. Android ASHA will be android specific, but to my knowledge, it will be an open standard, unlike MFi.

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I was likely being sloppy with terms, but there is something unique about Phonak’s approach. It may use standard bluetooth, but I think some parts must not be since it seems to work differently than standard bluetooth. I’m happy to replace proprietary with unique though. I haven’t looked, but I’m pretty sure there’s something patented about Phonak’s approach.