What things do I need for Bluetooth ELI and Phonak?

I am getting a Phonak hearing aid (Kaiser). I would like to get an ELI so that I can talk on my Motorola RAZR through the hearing aids and also listen to MP3s. What do I need to get in order to do this? Phonak has a bluetooth interface (SmartLink) that costs around 1500 bucks–too much! Please advise. Jim K

Why not try the Artone bluetooth neckloop? It is less than $200 and works very well with Bluetooth phones and other bluetooth devices.

We are also soon going to receive the TVB bluetooth transmitter, which you can hookup your MP3 to and listen wirelessly thru the Artone Bluetooth receiver.

It works through the telecoil functions on your Phonaks.

I have found it to be a much cheaper method than the Smartlink/ELI or Smartlink/Easylink.

You can get it at: www.localbattery.com

Thanks for your response. If I am going to spend the money to get a device that allows me to talk through the hearing aids, I want to get MP3 capability also. Can you tell me about this TVB neckloop? Is it made by Artone? Why is this solution to “cell phone through the hearing aids” a better choice than ELI? Do most of the Phonaks come with T-coils?

With the TVB (www.artonecs.com), you can hook up your MP3 and talk wirelessly on your bluetooth phone, laptop, etc, and many users have found the Artones to be much more flexible to use than the ELI’s, especially with mP3 players and laptop applications.

They are also much more reasonably priced.

I have pretty much the same question as jgkresge, I have 2 Phonak Extra BTEs and am looking for a solution to utizing a cell phone and also listen to a Walkman radio via Bluetooh or similar technology. My audiologist told me the Phonak Microlink system was way too expensive but that she had heard about ELI and is going to look into it for me. I’m also trying to do some research on my own. My Extra Users Guide alludes to the fact that my Extra BTEs are equiped with DAI. Looking at the ELI website it appears that, if your aids are DAI equiped, it is an easy matter of just plugging in the ELI and you’re set to go. Looking at my aids, I don’t see a 3 prong DAI jack . Is there some kind of modification or boot that I need in order to make my Phonak BTE compatible with the ELI.

I also looked at the Artone website and will keep it in mind. However, I think prefer something other than a neckloop if possible.

Thanks for your help