What term best to describe myself?

So i dont think im deaf because deaf evokes the imagery of people that rely on sign language (nothings wrong with that just not what i am), but hearing impaired imply that it was acquired when i am already like this since as far as i can remember. My left ear is severely deaf, and my right ear has a severe high frequency hearing loss but hearing capability wise its way better than my left. I have trouble describing myself, hearing impaired? Hard of hearing? Partially deaf? Which one? I like saying partially deaf bc thats what it is, i can say i have SSD but SSD is for when bad ear is profoundly deaf and good ear being almost perfecf so technically i dont have SSD? Maybe im overthinkung it but its driving me crazy

Yeah, you’re definitely overthinking. What are you trying to accomplish by trying to describe yourself? Any of your choices ( hearing impaired? Hard of hearing? Partially deaf?) seem reasonable, or you could just skip the description and let people know what you need of them.

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I just has I have a severe hearing loss and leave it at that.

I don’t hear so good.

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I alternate between ‘half deaf’, ‘hard of hearing’ or ‘I’m wearing hearing aids’ depending on my mood or how big impact I want to get (yeah, kicking on other people’s empathy :joy:) if I need intro to the next part of the sentence which is ‘and I need you to speak slower/louder/while looking at me/repeat more’ or whatever is needed.

For shops, it’s mostly third one with a smile, for doctors is second, for government offices is first with a sigh and poor me look.
Roughly said. But mostly it depends how hard I perceive the situation and how much cooperation I really need. I ain’t afraid to use tank to smash a fly :joy:

I call it using emotional blackmail for good purposes :joy:

I don’t bother with describing myself. I do tell people: "I wear hearing aids, and with them I don’t hear very well so please speak loudly and clearly. Masks are just making this harder for me. "

Most people just start shouting at me. Well, it works, I hear them. And that’s what matters to get whatever job done.

I usually say partially deaf so Hearing people will work a bit harder to help me understand them. I also often say “thank you for helping me hear,” often partway through the conversation. That helps them realize they need to speak clearly. So does wearing BTEs with brightly colored earmolds.

I just say, “I wear aids so if I don’t answer your question or respond, it’s probably cuz I didn’t hear you. Don’t give up! Just say it again.”

That works for doc appts and group trips. These days, with everyone masked up, I usually say, “Sorry! I can’t hear a DAMN thing behind all these masks. What’d you say?” and typically I get it on the 2nd time around.

OH TO BE DONE with this seige of pandemic. Even so, considering I’ve dodged the bullet by wearing a mask, I’m EVER so grateful. On top of which, when others wear one, I no longer have to worry about walking into their CLOUD of huffing, sneezing, talking or spewing. Sad, but this is likely our new normal.

Ha, I think you are way overthinking that one. Also, don’t let your disability define who you are?

(I have high frequency hearing loss, and do pretty well without HAs but everything just sounds “flat”.)

I say “I don’t hear very well” my wife says I am deaf.
None of the labels really fit how I feel about it.

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I tell everyone I encounter that I am hearing impaired and that I read lips.
If I cannot see your lips, I cannot hear you.


Another option I don’t see mentioned is “I have a hearing loss” or A person with a hearing loss.

All of you are forgetting the essential asterisk that needs to be said: “…which, by the way, is a recognized disability.”

That’s my don’t mess with my captions (or whatever) or I’ll take your walker (or whatever) away moment!

To random people usually I say “I have hearing loss”/ “I’m hard of hearing” as that usually gets the message across that I can hear them talking but I need extra accommodations to be able to understand them. But lately I’ve noticed most people don’t really know what to do and keep acting and talking as usual. So it’s better to follow with more specific guides such as “Please speak loudly and clearly, and if you think it’s safe remove your mask so I can read your lips”.

To people I’m close to either say “Remember I’m deaf” or “If I can’t see you, I can’t hear you” because usually they just need a reminder.

And to myself, I just think of myself as hard of hearing.