What supplies should I buy to clean my hearing aid?


So now that I found what seems like a great place to turn with my questions.
Can you all give me some advice on what supplies are worth buying for cleaning my aid . I see so much things listed tool wise and I am confused on what to buy .



Are you a minimalist or do you like gadgets? If a minimalist, just go with the cleaning brush that comes with the hearing aids. If you like gadgets, get a JodiVac.



I only have experience with the KS8 (Signia, Rexton). I just clean the sleeves with a kleenex, after squeezing the sleeves to dislodge any wax. My fitter said that was better than trying to use the cloth that comes with the HA’s. She said to save the cloth to clean my glasses!

The HA’s should come with a tool to replace the wax filter and some spare filters. The sleeves should be replaced every 3 months or so, as I understand it. Costco gives you the sleeves and wax filters for free.



Perhaps it depends on the Costco, but mine encourages that I come by ever couple of months and they’ll change the domes (or sleeves), wax filters, and sometimes batteries. They’ll also give them a cursory cleaning and lookover. This is all for no cost.

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I presume the Costco here would do that too. I am a hard core DIY guy, and prefer that route.



With me getting mine from the Starkey Hearing Foundation Hear now program I need to learn to be a DYI guy in this case



The only thing I have is a glasses cloth to wipe body of HA down and antiseptic liquid for my ear moulds.



My local VA clinic said to just wipe them with a tissue when I take them off for the night. That seems sufficient for me, but then I don’t produce much ear wax, so things might be different for you.



My big concern is I live in Pennsylvania where my summer can be Brutal and then when I come home where I live ,the home is living space in a walk out basement that stays cool and damp so going from hot humidity to the cool damp…that and I do make alot of wax



I understand there are little things that are kind of like socks that you can put over your aids to soak up sweat. They would also help if you wear glasses like I do, and have problems with the temple pieces rubbing on the aids and causing a lot of noise. I imagine that most any mild cleaner would work for cleaning, if necessary.



I use the small microfiber cloth, provided by Costco, to wipe the body of my HAs. I use an alcohol wipe, about a one inch square sterile cotton pad , to clean the domes. A box of 100 individually wrapped cost less than two dollars. I have a wax problem and the alcohol dissolves and easily removes the wax. I put the aids in a PerfectDryLux each night. The 30 minute cycle is supposed to dry the HAs and the UV light is supposed to help with ridding the aids of microorganisms. I have had absolutely no hardware problems with my KS8s in the fourteen months I have had them.

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Hope you use a dryer for your hearing aids.



Which antiseptic liquid?



Audio Wipes by Audiologist’s Choice



I don’t use them every day but wipe them off and then put in the UV dryer overnight.