What software does fitting for Phonak Milo/Plus BTE

Will Target support or some version of iPFG or PFG?

You probably want iPFG - my copy lists Milo Plus in the family selection screen. Off the top of my head I believe these are too old to use with Target.

Thank you . It was recommending Windows 10 but I installed on Windows 7 and seems to work. It is complaining about no media files. But I have to look at that closer. These Milo/Plus SP’s are my old aids and I’m now using Oticon OPN S 1 BTE units. I have the HI-PRO and Genie 2 installed and things are working good. I know I have to build a CS44 conversion cable to make it work with Phonak. So I’ll have to get that done now and then see what I see.

A quick look at your Milo Plus aids shows them to be in the Phonak Core family of aids.
If this is correct you need the iPFG software. I believe it is available at the Phonak website, it not sure.

Target software is for the newer Phonak aids.

The CS44A cables are available on eBay for about $35 US.

Windows 7 should work fine for that software.

I ordered a pair of Din plug extensions and swapped the wires for pin 3 and 4 (per other threads). I was able to use the iPFG software for my old Milo’s with my current CS44 cables. The key item was looking at what the setting were but I also was able to get my audiogram from several years back. I thought it odd that some of the measurements were 5-10db worse than they are now. I really was a more thorough test done.
Thanks for all the help.

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