What should I expect at my first visit to an audiometrist?

I will be asking my physician if she knows of any good audiometrists when I see her next week. She is excellent so I am hoping she knows someone who is skilled and who won’t simply try to steer me into buying a particular brand.
What should I expect from my first visit?

Is there another site y’all can direct me to, that might answer my question? I have an appointment in a week. The receptionist said that the test should take about 30 minutes, I specifically said I was looking to get a hearing aid. She directed me to ask further questions to the audiologist when I see her. I have no idea whatt to expect.

On my first visit the audi and I talked for a while; she asked me what prompted my visit, why I though I needed a hearing test. Then I was given a hearing test. I sat in a soundproof booth –maybe 8X8 feet square- the booth had a window and I could see the audi. I wore headphones and held a remote with a depressible button; the audi could relay instructions and the test through the headphones. The hearing test consisted of a series of beeps, first one side then the other, when I head the beeps I pressed the remote button. After the beep test the audi read a list of words for a speech comprehension test–again one side and then the other- and I repeated the words or told her I didn’t understand what she said. The speech test was also preformed with background noise pumped in via the headphones. Then I was given a test that by-passed the middle ear to isolate the problem to the inner or middle ear. It’s quite painless.

After my test I had an appointment with the ENT to make sure there wasn’t a medical condition of some sort that caused my hearing loss and then I went back to the audi to discuss hearing aids.

Thank you for the description. One concern is that America Hears looks like they require several tests:

A complete hearing test quantifies hearing loss by determining values for Pure Tone Air Conduction, Bone Conduction, Speech Reception Threshold, and Speech Discrimination in an audiogram

I am hoping not to have multiple visits for the testing, has anyone had all these tests done at once?

Most often they are all done in one session.

The Pure Tone Air Conduction is the test where you listen for the tone and press the button. The Speech Discrimination test is what I called the speech comprehension test and the Bone Conduction test is the last test I described that isolates the middle or inner ear. I’m not certain, but I think the Speech Reception Threshold and the Speech Discrimination are the same

Thank y’all for your answers.

strongly suggest…

this could give you an idea of your hearing in Noisy eviroments…

hi lucille,

i’m new to all of this also (~1 year) so i appreciate the answers you’re getting also. best wishes with it all.

My appointment is tomorrow, will tell all when I return :slight_smile:

I have another appointment next week with a different audiologist.
I had high hopes for yesterday’s appointment with the renowned UT Otolarygology Clinic. They are in a new office and an article in a magazine in the office says that they plan to be the best of the best.
Unfortunately, they fell FAR short of that yesterday.
I had a message to call them, received it Thursday evening, unfortunately, it did not contain the information that my appointment had been cancelled because the needed equipment had not been moved in yet.
So, I arrived. And left. The test could have been done next door at the hospital, but each proposal I advanced to the office staff was met with resistance. I expected a friendly problem solving attitude, instead, the office staff who had all week to notify me, told me all they could do was validate my parking.
I emailed the head of the department who sent a classy apology, but he cannot make up for the deficits of the office staff.
I hope my next visit goes better.

I suppose this drifts off topic, but I guess I’m spoiled. I work as a nurse in a school setting right now, and the 3 school secretaries I have known in 15 years have been multitalented powerhouses with can-do attitudes. I’ve seen them inventively squeeze a solution out of the most unpromising of curcumstances, and I, and the kids at the shool, am lucky to have them.