What’s wrong with my hearing


Hello everybody I have had hearing loss since I was a born. I have tried hearing aids off and on throughout my life. I am 32 years old now and recently got fitted for some oticon open 2 hearing aids with bass domes. The hearing aids I had before were bte with custom molds. I like the feeling of not being occluded with the open fit hearing aids but wonder if they are doing any good. Also my audiologist said I had a speech discrimination score of 40% so I wonder if the hearing aids are even worth wearing. Every time I have got hearing aids I have been disappointed



Only you can decide if they are worthwhile for you. Can you understand speech better with the aids than before? If you can, you might want to think about keeping them.



You have a reverse slope loss which can be tricky to fit. I’d ask your audiologist how much experience he/she has fitting reverse slope losses.



I have never really been able to truly tell if hearing aids have helped overall. I definitely hear things better but still struggle to understand speech with clarity. People at work still say tell me that I ask them to repeat themselves just as often. Like I said though I hear noise louder and clearer. Some noises I never would have heard before in certain situations.

I was doing some research on my hearing loss and found that some people say it is hard to fit this particular kind of loss. So is that true and did my audiologist prescribe the right type of aids or is my speech discrimination to low for any kind of benifit? And if that’s true how the hell did I end up here? Did I not wear hearing aids enough when I was younger or does low speech discrimination just happen?



My audiologist as far as I can tell just entered my audio gram in Genie 2 software and gave me the automated prescribed settings that the software recommends. I have asked for a few adjustments but he seems to make it worse so I prefer the recommended prescription.



Sounds like you my need a new Audi



I,would think with your reverse slope you would need custom molds



Every time I went in to the audiologist before they prescribed custom molds but they always made me feel occluded. But no one ever told me about the vents in custom molds I didn’t know they could be adjusted.

The Genie software recommended the bass domes. So far with my audiologist I’ve just been going off what the genie software reccomends



word. those kinds worked for me as well (and free of allergens of course!)



Call your audi, ask for a real ear measurement test, if they say no run as fast as you can to an audiologist who does.

Learn more on why this is important:

Edit: this video may be better. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cHR0Oa6I-wY

More detail here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RFJ7-6FslaA