What’s the longest you’ve gone without a new audiogram?


Here in the UK, our National Health Service doesn’t call you back for regular hearing tests.

We have to make an appointment if we have any problems.

I know this forum is mainly US based, so wondered how often people go for hearing tests?


I go only if I notice a significant change in my hearing. For example, I went last February when I noticed a big drop off in the hearing in my left ear (it turned out to be an allergy issue). Most recent hearing aids give the option of adjusting the amplitude of each ear independently, so I would suggest that unless you find you need to adjust that, you wouldn’t need another test - but then again, I’m not an audiologist.


No more than a year. Costco calls me back if it has been a year. They will not make adjustments based on a stale test.


I was 65 years old with my first one in my life. That was after cancer treatment, and knowing that the chemo was one possible cause of loss. I wish I’d had one before the treatment as a reference point, but no one suggested it. Like many, I was unaware of my hearing loss until I experienced difficulty with speech in a noisy situation. That was when I started investigating HAs. Getting them was delayed four years due to high costs. Since that time I have had three more audiograms, all in the last six months, during my many attempts to get good service and appropriate hearing aids.

My insurance now will pay for a yearly test, but since I have Costco aids, they don’t charge for tests, and I have no reason at this point to try anywhere else. I’ll probably get one yearly from here on, as mentioned above by Don.


5 years at most for me.


8 years was the longest for me. Will get new aids this year.


Here in Aus my Aud does a check every 12 months now. Especially since my R) ear deteriorated 2.5 yrs ago.


I went about 10 years between 1st and second test. I was meant to have tests every couple of years but did not get any call backs and didn’t think things had changed much. I also got busy being a mother and then getting divorced. Then after realizing that I was starting to have difficulty with the real world I was retested. Since then I have had tests roughly every year or so. Audiologist says twelve months but they don’t seem to recall until I get to about 2 months overdue.


Like DanTheMan I only go if I notice a change or if I need a new pair of hearing aids. Our NHS in Germany grants a small fixed fee every 6 years. My longest distance between two audiograms was 6 years, my longest distance between 2 new pairs was even 10 years.



Like you I have a profound loss but I did go and see my audio recently because my aids kept breaking down so I was given another test before I got replacement aids. Otherwise I don’t see the point with being so deaf.


For me its 3-4 years based on the US Veterans Administration’s guidelines for replacing hearing aids. Only had one exception when my last Starkey aids were in the shop more than in my ears. My audiologist approved replacing them early which required new testing.


Before I had sudden hearing loss last year, I think it had been a decade since I had a hearing test. Medicare (US) only pays for a hearing test if there is cause. They don’t pay for routine tests. My hearing had been stable for decades, so no need for a test. Miracle Ear (where I bought my hearing aid) does them annually, so I’ll get them then. The main difference is that the guy at Miracle Ear, while very well trained, is not an audiologist and the test isn’t as comprehensive.