What receiver-in-canal (RIC) lifespan are you experiencing?

Basically, yes. Most receivers have the same shape, anyway.

They can (and actually) make smaller receivers, but when you need power at low-frequencies, the receiver has to be bigger.

The hole is already centered, placed at equal distance of every wall of your canal.

You’re right. “Classical” BTE hearing aids have no clogging problems at all. But RIC aids can help you better to understand speech. So, it is your choice.

Regarding the centered hole thought. I think the smaller canal size and the turn in the canal are having an issue when I try to insert the power receiver far enough into the canal (to stay put)the speaker touches the canal thus creating a wax problem.

If I understand what your saying regarding RITE vs Slim Tube is that no slim tube set up can match the performance of RITE technology?

Cleaning the receiver is by no means the manufacturer’s problem. When your car needs a wash, is the manufacturer responsible to do that?

Slim Tube is not similar to RIC / RITE. It is just a cosmetic approach.
The idea behind the RIC / RITE approach is to have the receiver as close as possible to the eardrum.

if I try to push the power receiver in as far as your answer here I run into the problem of the smaller ear canal and turn of my canal that puts the speaker into the canal wall. The only reason I notice this or bring up the point is that I have a power receiver(vigo connect)in my right ear as well and their is no problems at all.

Regarding your thoughts on the slim tube is only cosmetic. That would suggest that RIC/RITE is far superior to Slim Tube?

They are not “my thoughts”. It’s a technical matter, feel free to learn it, by using your own effort. And stop being so demanding here, I am not the manufacturer’s representative.

Learning is not always as easy as just reading, which I have done many many hours of trying to better understand how to hear better. I came here for help from those who have first hand experience. My mistake!

We are all entitled to have a bad day or have a misunderstanding. Don’t give up here, this is a great bunch of people with lots of help available.

We should all try to use the search function more but as stated, sometimes it’s good to have a one on one.

Take care and good luck.

I have been to a technical talk where it was clearly explained that speaker-in-the-ear models are NO better than slim tubes … IF AN OPEN DOME IS USED.

I asked if this applied to tulip domes and the answer was less clear!

Soooo … for a mild high-frequency-only loss, you might as well select a slim tube model. They are much easier and cheaper to maintain.

This week I’m going to test a Unitron Lattitude 16 Moxi. I’m not sure what type of dome will be fitted. I’m thinking closed will be my best option.

Thank you for the excellent info here.


I should add that I’m not sure based on the performance rating of this(lattitude Moxi) device it will be suited for my hearing loss. The other option that I want to look at is a Phonak Smart 5(does this come in a slim tube option) or the Versata.

Thank you for pointing that.

Now, he will consider you owe him an explanation :slight_smile: . Or many.

Slim tube is not an option for your hearing loss, get used to it!
It will whistle like hell.

I was just going to ignore you and accept that you dislike people.
Cannot do that…
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