What level is considered Profound loss?

I always thought it was 100 dB or greater. Just read an article on the Phonak website that says anything over 81 dB is profound. That means anything above about 2500 Hz, I would be considered profound. I don’t think it is important what you call it, I just can’t hear high frequencies worth a flip.

This what I found and have always believed was right


My take is that unless frequency is specified, degree of loss doesn’t mean a heck of a lot. I have a “profound” loss from 6k on up and nearly profound in my right ear from 4k on up, yet overall my loss is pretty manageable. If those profound losses were in the 1-2k range, it would be a whole other matter.


I never can figure it out either but my worst loss is 1500 to 3000.

I have a profound loss across the board. When I was younger I went from mild to severe. I find profound to be pretty profound

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This is very helpful.
Thank you!


1500 to 3000 is where your loss is occurring, the frequency range.Decibels determines how severe your loss is in that range. I always thought 90db was the beginning of the profound range. But when you’re down in that area it really doesn’t make much difference.


Thanks so much! Interesting.