What kind of noise do you feel most unbearable when putting your aids on?


My grandma told me her aids become super noisy when she turns on her fan in bedroom.

Which model of hearing aids can do best in noise reduction now? What kind of noise do you feel most unbearable when putting your aids on?



I honestly don’t find any sounds unbearable. I love it when the world comes alive with sound and am just glad to hear again! My aids aren’t perfect, but everything is in balance, and no sounds seem unbearable at this time.



What model/brand is your hearing aids?



MicroTech Thrive W50 RIC. These are a Starkey aid. Getting these aids programmed has been a journey, very frustrating. Finding someone who would adjust them to REM has made them the best they’ve been. I think most aids can be excellent. Finding an audiologist you can work with is most important.

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Agreed, that might explain. The audiologists here are barely professional. But I guess even they are, the fitting process is still really hard for my grandma.

To be honest I myself find them noisy when I tried on my grandma’s aids. Maybe I should try Starkey’s ones.

Thanks for sharing your experience!



More than a specific brand of aid, I would specifically ask if any audiologist you are considering does REM (real ear measurement) as part of their fitting. If they don’t, find another audiologist. I went through four years of frustration getting these aids so they work for me, and they worked well only after having them adjusted to REM. Not all audiologists do this test, and I think it’s really important - would not go to anyone who did not do this. It is really hard to find words to describe problems you’re having to an audiologist, and this is one way to actually see what the aids are doing, in place. It can eliminate a whole lot of guesswork. Good luck in finding an audiologist, and aids.

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Err, yes of course they are noisy if you don’t suffer from hearing loss. Your grandma needs sounds to be amplfied which SHE does not hear any more w/o HA. But as shootingstar already said, it is up to her audiologist. This is way more important than having the right hearing aid.

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I’ve been told conversing in restaurants can be hard with all the sounds amplified. so not sure if that answers your question



How long has she been wearing the hearing aids? There is usually a significant adjustment time from when they are first fitted to sounds being more normal. I am nearly 5 months in and some sounds are still loud. I mute them before grinding coffee. Another thing I have notices is that especially in Automatic they take some time to adjust to what is background noise and what needs to be heard. When you first put them in your ears the background noise will be the loudest until the noise reduction cuts in.



Yeah that’s also very hard for my grandma when dining with family in restaurants. She usually does not talk much there.



She started using them for around half year. Still not very used to them. I guess it’s really hard to do background noise reduction in real-time given the variety of noises people can meet in daily life.



To be honest I have no issues with sounds at all. But I am a veteran of 15 years of wearing hearing aids, and I have retrained my brain to deal with sounds that I was once not hearing. To me any more the only thing that bothers me is not understanding some words.



I have two methods of dealing with noise. One is that I have the hearing aids programmed so a long hold on any button mutes them. I use that for really noisy situations where I don’t want to hear much or nothing.

My second method is for noisy situations like a restaurant. For that I switch the HA’s to the Noise/Party program, and if necessary I turn the volume down a little. It also helps to sit facing the person you want to talk to and with your back to the rest of the restaurant or the main source of noise. It requires one to think ahead when choosing your table and chair for the best results. Make your wishes known to the person seating you.



I figured out a few years back how to retrain my brain to deal with noise. I used a music program that had almost all of the filters turned off and would us it only in all environments and over a 6 month period of time I was able to deal with almost any noise situation.
It was painful at the times but it did pay off for me.

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