What is Widex REMOTE LINK

  • PRO LINK is Widex’s proprietary wireless hearing aid programming device.
  • REMOTE LINK combined with a cell phone App can adjust your hearing aid programming remotely.

When Noahlink Wireless was adopted by other hearing aid manufacturers Widex did not adopt Noahlink Wireless as a standard, and chose to continue using their own/proprietary wireless programming devices, PRO LINK and USB Link.

Other manufacturers have remote fitting Apps and their Apps don’t require an extra/intermediary device like REMOTE LINK. I think I can guess why;

Noahlink Wireless uses Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE wireless protocol. Therefore the hearing aids that can use Noahlink Wireless must be able to use the Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE wireless protocol. But not Widex. They did not adopt the Noahlink Wireless standard.

Now fast-forward to today’s Remote fitting using a cell phone app, which is a hot topic today because of the pandemic. Other manufacturers can use a cell phone app to communicate directly to the hearing aids using Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE. Widex cannot. Their hearing aids are still using their own/proprietary wireless protocol and therefore require the extra/intermediary device, REMOTE LINK.

But don’t fret too much over these complications. You couldn’t use it anyway. Remote fitting requires a professional account with the manufacturer before you can use it. So even if it was simple, you still can’t use it without your audiologist.