What is Widex REMOTE LINK

  • PRO LINK is Widex’s proprietary wireless hearing aid programming device.
  • REMOTE LINK combined with a cell phone App can adjust your hearing aid programming remotely.

When Noahlink Wireless was adopted by other hearing aid manufacturers Widex did not adopt Noahlink Wireless as a standard, and chose to continue using their own/proprietary wireless programming devices, PRO LINK and USB Link.

Other manufacturers have remote fitting Apps and their Apps don’t require an extra/intermediary device like REMOTE LINK. I think I can guess why;

Noahlink Wireless uses Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE wireless protocol. Therefore the hearing aids that can use Noahlink Wireless must be able to use the Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE wireless protocol. But not Widex. They did not adopt the Noahlink Wireless standard.

Now fast-forward to today’s Remote fitting using a cell phone app, which is a hot topic today because of the pandemic. Other manufacturers can use a cell phone app to communicate directly to the hearing aids using Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE. Widex cannot. Their hearing aids are still using their own/proprietary wireless protocol and therefore require the extra/intermediary device, REMOTE LINK.

But don’t fret too much over these complications. You couldn’t use it anyway. Remote fitting requires a professional account with the manufacturer before you can use it. So even if it was simple, you still can’t use it without your audiologist.

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I even thought they were the same product …

So with no hope of being able to reprogram my “bionics” (Dream D2-FS) at home? I intended to buy Noahlink Wireless and Remote Link to do that.

Is there any way to do this without going through Widex?

You don’t use the Noahlink wireless, you also don’t need the remote link, you need to buy the Widex PRO-LINK for you HAs, get and install Widex Compass software, they come up on eBay every now and then.

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Difficult to get …