What is this in my ear?

ear h

Other than the hair in the center, it looks like an osteoma. It is a benign bone growth, nothing to worry about.

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Osteoma on Wikipedia

Benign tumor on Wikipedia

My layman’s reading is that if it is not causing problems it is not a problem. Of course a growth in that place could interfere with a hearing aid, so somewhat of a problem.
Your HA-provider and your general doctor should know it on sight and know who is the local expert on these things, if you need additional information or feel it needs treatment.

If it really concerns you, an Otologist or ENT (ear, nose and throat physician) would be a better source of advice than a general practitioner. If they grow large enough to interfere with hearing, they can be removed, but I have never seen a case that extreme.

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Yes go see a Dr. This is really not the place for a diagnosis.