What is the ReSound equivalent to Beltone Amaze?

I have trialed a Widex and a Oticon, both with apparently experienced authorised audiologists and after 8-10 visits each was unable to get a satisfactory result. I have a complicated hearing loss. Then I went to an opticians who does Beltone Amaze hearing aids and was served by a young girl who in the space of an hour, in an awful echoey tiny room, programmed the aid to a fairly acceptable degree. I am so impressed. Here’s the hitch. Beltone in Spain is really expensive and doesnt seem to be available in the UK. But Resound I can buy in the UK for under 1800€. My question is: is there a Resound equivalent and would this shop be likely to able to programme it similarly? Im too embarrssed to ask her directly as she will be expecting to sell me the one Im trialling. :-/

I think the Amaze is similar to Resound Quattro. Both have multiple feature levels. Have no idea if fitter in UK could match what she did.

Please do not be embarrassed and do not let them intimidate you. Always remember that you are the customer and you are paying for them dearly and you have a right to be totally satisfied with what you purchase.