What is the price of Oticon More 1 rechargeable hearing aids?

I am considering purchasing Oticon More 1 (rechargeable). My audiologist quoted $5,600, does that sound about right? I live in the States.


They cost me about the same in $Cdn. You should be paying less, I’d think. But you also have to factor in the other components, if this quote includes “bundled” supplies and services.


Just purchased a pair of these through my insurance. They were about $5k for the pair. I would expect to pay $5.5-7k for a pair of these in the US, out of pocket. This includes all of the audiologist services of course but your price point sounds about right.

Quick edit: I’m located in the US, priced in a major city on the east coast to give some context.

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@TheGoatLord: Always better to get local information. Thanks for posting.

I was quoted $6180 in the DC metro area in Northern Virginia. That included a two year warranty and service for two years.

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I was quoted $6600 although I went a different route