What is the different between....?

I have the Naida S III UP aids and I’m just wondering what the different is between the III and the V?

What are the extras that the III hasn’t got??

Go on line to Phonaks website and it will show you what the differences between the III and the V.

With all due respect, I’ve been all over the website time and time again and it does not spell out the differences in detail. It’s all geared toward generic terms for dummies.

I’m looking for the differences between Naida S III and V and the website is very vague. I’m looking for something with details.

seb probably meant to have you try Phonak’s professional website at http://www.phonakpro.com. I agree that their consumer website is void of content.

I looked quickly and found this PDF document. I think the chart you want is on Page 4.