What is the Costco Version of the Phonak TV Connector Called? Model #/Part #?

Seems that the consensus is that the Costco version of the Phonak TV Connector is equivalent of the Phonak branded version. I’m a Costco member in the US. If I call my local store to see if they have it in stock, what should I ask for? and will they sell it to me even if I didn’t buy HAs from them?

It’s the same unit.


Kirkland KS10 TV Connecter.

Can’t see why not, in fact I’m sure they would.

This may be a problem.
The Costco in San Antonio we use will not sell the TV connector to a member that has not bought the KS9 or KS10 aids from Costco.

Sure won’t hurt to ask.
Good luck

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Called my local Costco and they said that they don’t have them in stock and have been waiting for months to get them. They have no idea of a delivery date. Since I have an unopened Phonak version given to me by my audiologist (that I was reluctant to open if I was going to buy the Costco version), it seems that this is going to be my best option.

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I was just at Costco yesterday and although I have Jabra aids, we talked about accessories and she mentioned I am fortunate to have a GN product because the accessories are made here (?) and they can get them I a few days. She even had one TV Streamer 2 in stock ($269, ouch). She said the Phonak accessories are not available at this time and can give no date they may be available. I see I can get a ReSou nd TV Streamer 2 on eBay for $70 and Costco HIS even said, go for it, when I mentioned.

FYI: Phonak Digital Wireless Accessory TV Connector V2 Audéo With Power USB Cord | eBay

That’s interesting because yesterday my HIS in Signal Hill California Costco said they get lots of customers buying TV streamers at Costco even though they got their aids from private audiologist’s or other HAD. She said some customers from private audiologists have said they have been quoted over $600 for a TV streamers

One member of the Bigtalvista forum mentioned a long time ago that Phonak does not have enough chargers for sale, maybe the cause is a lack of chips? What is the situation now, I see that chargers over ebay and amazon are very expensive.

Still no stock except for Resound/Jabra accessories with no know date they will be in.

I have a new pair of the Costco KS 10 Phonak hearing aids. I am not sure if Costco would sell you an accessory, but my Costco ha fitter told me that they cannot get the TV wireless connectors delivered to them. He said he had taken deposits to order some for earlier users but they never got to the store. After several months, he had the deposits returned to his customers and does not take orders for the TV connector.

went onto eBay and saw them for sale for a little over $100. I got a Phonak connect which was used but had all the parts, box and booklet. It was easy to install and works fine. I would caution you to use your smart phone, in my case a Apple iPhone, while you listen to a show to stop your phone from going asleep. When mine shut down it would often lose the connection. Keep it awake until you are done watching and then let it turn off. Of course it uses a bit more battery power but it is much better than having to open up your phone, go to the app, wait until the app connects, and have it go back to the conn3ction.

I asked about the TV connector at the time I got my KS10.0T aids, but the Costco guy told me that they were unavailable and they would let me know when they could be ordered again – but no such notification so far.

I bought a “refurbished” one (Version 2, with the power and volume controls) on eBay for US$100, but immediately afterwards that seller increased his price to US$135, and some other sellers were asking truly outrageous prices. Mine works fine.

Couldn’t see spending $300 on this so I bought one off ebay for $100. TV Connector v2. There are plenty for sale. Just buy from a seller with good feedback. Maybe use Paypal for added return security.

Does the Version 2 work with the Phonak Brio 5 as well. On ebay it says marvel, but the Brio 5 is paradise. Just wondering if TV connector stayed the same.

Yes V2 works with the Brio 5.