What is the connection?


I just opened a jar of jam, that’s the size. I’d probably wait until they can make it look like a wrist watch.


There is only one mfr. that now makes a HA that can do seamless BT between your HA and cell. It will work w. Androids (cheap or expensive). Will also work w. the expensive Apple brand. The microphone is built in to the HA.
Brand is the Phonak Audeo B-Direct series.

There is another brand that works only w. the expensive Apple line. Forget the name.

There are other models of Phonaks (and I think other brands) that make

use of an (IMO) useless neck loop that is supposed to communicate
between phone and HA. I tried it - useless.

I have worn an on the ear BT head phone for over 10 years - long before I got HA. I am on the phone a lot. Will be looking forward to dispensing w. that.


You may be thinking of Oticon. But they recently came out with Android capability.