What is the best telephone for hearing impaired with hearing aids?



Can someone give advice on what is the best telephone to use if you are hearing impaired? Which frequencies are the most important for talking on the telephone?

Other advice I would like is what is the best microphone to use that will provide the best hearing in a group setting? Which frequencies are the most important for hearing via a microphone?

Also, what is the best hearing aid that people on here are using?

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Hearing impaired in Washington State



You don’t state if it’s for a landline or not.

I personally like my iPhone and my Phonak DECT phone for landline use.



Everyone has a different hearing loss and needs/preferences. So there is no one answer fits all. A lot of it is trial and error. The big six hearing aid manufacturers have good aids but the exact model best for any one person varies. An expert to program them well is at least as important as the choice of aids.

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I use Sound World Companion hearing aids that connect via Bluetooth to an LG cellphone (right ear). That is the only way I can use a “telephone”. I also have an Alead lapel microphone that connects to my left hearing aid via Bluetooth. I use that to set on the table in front of my wife when we play cards. My left hearing aid also connects to my computer via Bluetooth but I don’t use that function much.



I hated talking on the telephone in any way, shape or form, in any iterations of the devices since the 1970’s right up until MFi came along. Now I confidently take phone calls streamed straight from my phone, it’s terrific!