What is the best phone to use with icom?

I have been using the icom for a few weeks and have it connected to a basic nokia phone, the sound quality seems ok but the range seems very poor.

If i leave the room where the phone is in then its very distorted and cannot move more than 3 metres away from the phone.

I though initially that i would be able to use the icom freely within 10 metres regardless of the walls etc, but is this just a case with the phone? and if i get a different phone would that provide more range?

I have never gotten the full 10 meters with any bluetooth device. Sometimes I get close and then other times it seems like 2 meters is the max. I’m currently using the Resound Phone Clip and I get some static at about 10 feet (3 meters) in clear space (no walls).

Keeping the phone on your person is better but the Phone Clip still has a little bit of static if the phone is left in my pants pocket.

I think what you are seeing is just the nature of bluetooth. All the phones I know of use class 2 bluetooth (10 meters) but why do we not have the option of using class 1 (100 meters)? My laptop has class 1, no problems there.

Yea i guess the bluetooth range is whats expected.

Just want to know from other icom users, i have the fearure for “automatic reconnect” so that if i go out of range and then go back in again it automatically reconnects without me doing anything, but i have noticed that sometimes it doesnt work and i have to do it manually, does this happen to anyone else?

Also when it comes to switching off the icom, would it be wrong to switch it off when the bluetooth is on standby mode, i have a habit of doing this but should i be disconnecting it via the phone first? cheers

The phone isn’t the issue. It is Bluetooth technology that is the issue.

I still have the original Motorola Droid phone which is fully compatible with the ICOm. So far it has worked flawlessly with the ICom. I have to keep the phone in my pocket or at least on my desk or it does disconnect from the ICom. Although I cannot find anything in the bluetooth phone menu about automatic re-connection, it does reconnect hen I step bacl onto my office. See the ICom compatability guide at the phonak web site. To find it, click on the Products and Solutions Tab, then on Communications, and then on the picture of the ICom. The Compatibility guide is on the right side of the ICom page. It lists cell phones that are compatibile with the ICom.

I like the ICom, but the battery does not last very long if you use it for listening to music or have a lot of phone calls. I have to recharge it during the day. I use an an inexpensive old style mini usb car charger and wall outet charger.

I don’t have an Icom but I do have an Oticon streamer they say its range is 10 meters, however if there are no obstructions between me and the phone it will work well past 10 meters.

I used the icom with a nokia n95, it has a poor connection strength but sounds and works ok.
Now a have a samsung galaxy s2, this gives a strong bluetooth connection but the sound is a little less then the nokia because of the limited sound functions with bluetooth.

Don’t forget to adjust the sound settings in the phonak bluetooth program, when you leaf this in the default settings it sounds not so good as it can.

I have coupled my iCom with several Phones in the past (Samsung Wavem Nokia N95…), currently the iPhone 4 and the Blackberry Bold. After testing all the phones I must say that the Blackberry did the best job with respect to hearing quality, range and connectivity.

I do not want to pay for a phone and there are so many options on what the best free upgrade phone could be. I can’t make the decision. Please help. Links are appreciated. 10 points best answer. Thank you.

I paired the iCom with the Iphone 4 and it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately it was my friends phone. I had the old 3G which still works good. I recently switched to the Android Samsung Galaxy Prevail on Boost mobile. I couldn’t stand paying over $100 anymore for AT&T service which is lackluster. The Prevail, which is a bargain, isn’t powerful enough to handle the Bluetooth and it freezes up from time to time. Ive learned to deal with this for the price I am paying.