What is range for ReSound mini mic? Best for restaurants? What about big spaces?


After a frustrating day trying to answer questions at a conference in a room with vaulted ceiling I decided that my 2 priorities when I go for trial Friday is finding what will help me hear in these types of settings

A dinner in a restaurant with background noise is a nightmare unless the speaker is wearing my mini mic. Everyone had to take turns talking to me.
Our house has vaulted ceilings and I can on,y hear my husband when he wears the mini mic.
I’m ok in a quiet space with low ceiling.

Can anyone share their experience in a restaurant or conference room using the mini mic? how far might it pick up a voice? Might the Roger items be better for my situation?


From the ReSound web page:

" Resound Micro Mic and ReSound Multi Mic

Part of the Smart Hearing experience

The ReSound Micro Mic and ReSound Multi Mic are part of an interconnected wireless hearing solution from ReSound. They connect directly to ReSound wireless hearing aids and extend the hearing range by more than 80 feet in clear line of sight."

In early January, I went to an Indian restaurant buffet with wife and a daughter. I left my Multi-Mic at our table and went to the buffet counters. I could clearly hear what they were saying from at least 50 to 60 feet away (I forgot to bring my tape measure!). I haven’t mastered the Multi-Mic. In omnidirectional mode, it does seem to be a bit sensitive to noise from a distance and unlike the Phone Clip+, it doesn’t stream through existing programs. It has its own individual program once it’s paired with your HA’s. But you do have access to tuning bass, midtones, and treble +/- 6 dB in each direction. You can control the amount of noise or wind noise reduction you apply, pick streaming only from the Multi-Mic to your HA’s (HA mics off) or control the relative volume of streaming and your HA mics that’s played to your HA receivers. Used unidirectionally (hung vertically from someone’s neck), it’s a lot better at not picking up outside noise.



In a quiet home you should be able to have a conversation. That sounds like a hearing aid adjustment problem.