What is needed to programm Oticon Opn 1?

I’m testing the Opn 1 now. I have installed Genie 2 software, is the fitting link 3.0 the only thing I need to be able to programm anything the audi can?

Strange thing with the Genie 2 is, it doesn’t give the Opn as choice. It is version 2016-2 that should have them. One time it showed the Opn and I could choose them, not anymore.

If you do a search, you’ll find that somebody on this forum who recently ordered a Fitting Link 3.0 from aurem.dk. You may want to join that thread or invite him to participate in this thread. I’d be VERY interested to know how it turns out. I may follow suit after somebody has blazed a trail for the rest of us to follow.

The Fitting Link 3.0 won’t let you update firmwares on the OPN, though. You’ll need cable for that. Something about wireless being too slow for the firmware update.

I’ve also downloaded and installed Genie 2 on my computer already but I haven’t played around with it because I couldn’t get very far before I got stuck.

I got Opn in Genie 2 again.

Create client, add audiogram, and from there choose the family button.

the setup creates two shortcuts “genie 2” and “genie 2016.2” the first shortcut is the one that holds the Opn. With round logo and three adjusters

I think you got further than me. I don’t remember how far I got but very shortly after I got the app to open, it said it didn’t see any HA maybe? I don’t remember. So I was like “Ok, the buck stops here”.

When you get to Family there should be a Detect button (like in Genie) that automatically detects your Hearing Aids.

Correct, if you have the hardware connection.