What is difference between Agil Pro miniRITE and miniBTE?

what is difference between Agil Pro miniRITE and newest miniBTE/miniAHO ?
is miniBTE/miniAHO best and newest than miniRITE?

somethings here?

Are you looking at a particular brand or model? Sometimes different manufacturers use their own terms.

is it oticon agil pro…

The Mini RITE is a receiver in the canal product. They never made a mini BTE of the Agil pro to my knowledge – and I fit them up until 6 months ago. The main differences between the standard RITE, which looks like a mini BTE and the mini RITE for Oticon is that the standard RITE has a telecoil and a rocker arm volume control whereas the mini RITE has neither.


you see here miniBTE or miniAHO come out or not ? :slight_smile:

but I go for miniAHO or miniBTE the newest aids maybe.
but miniBTE and miniAHO are just the same I guess right?

I’d say stick with the RITE products, mini or standard. The reason is that if your hearing suddenly takes a nosedive, all you would have to change on the device is the receiver itself and not the whole aid. This preserves the cosmetics of a mini BTE, but you get the power you need. A mini/bte is a bit limited because you’re funneling sound through a slim tube into your ear instead of projecting it right in the canal. The only time I generally go to open fit or slim tube BTEs is if there is a wax issue so bad that you are constantly killing receivers.

In general, I prefer a RITE type product again, because of the flexibility this style offers to take care of what your hearing life could throw at you in the next 5-7 years. Especially since both products have the same chips and same generation of software driving them.

Ok I will to Agil Pro miniRITE with speaker POWER to think.
but well I’m going to discuss with the audiology new miniAHO to compare miniRITE. :wink: