What is a fair price to pay for a pair of Audéo P-90R in the US?

I will purchase from a local indie audiologist, but from what I learned over the last few years, one can negotiate. For obvious reasons, it’s great to have the local personal service (I bought online the last time), but am trying to determine what a fair price is, rather than MSRP or whatever the dispenser likes to sell them at. Assume no accessories other than the charger. I want to be reasonable to the audiologist, but also am on a budget (no insurance). I’ve been wearing HAs for 11 years and don’t expect to need a lot of care and feeding visit-wise. One respondent in the Phonak FB group answered as follows: “I sell 90’s with $4700, warranty 3 year, all visits included.” It would be useful for me to hear from others.

This site will allow you to choose an aid, such as the phonak p90 and get a quote from a local audi. I’ve seen the functionality although haven’t used it.

However, the phonak p90 is sold at Costco as the kirkland ks10 (same device with their brand) for $1400 for a pair including service and cleaning, visits, etc… If budget is too priority they are the way to go.

Found the feature you are describing. They offer a summary of deals here: Local Hearing Aid Discounts - $800 Average Savings
Age-old debate of buying from Costco vs. an Indie audiologist.

Best I can tell the KS10s are defeatured enough that it I’m leaning towards buying the read deal, and at least per Cliff Olson, perhaps not the best option for someone with high frequency lost (me). Obviously up for debate.

The only feature that isn’t setup is the tinnitus. It’s available but costco won’t configure it. You could turn it on yourself though. Otherwise it is not defeatured at all. Not sure what Dr cliff is saying but the ks10 is a phonak p90 with a kirkland sticker on it.


The KS10 may not be “defeatured” but from my understanding and from what my Costco HIS mentioned, the microphones on the aids are different as is the case. She actually feels something has been “cheapened” (her words) on the KS10’s because she sees such a higher rate of returns over other aids, including for quality reasons. I have nonidea if shenis correct or not, just relaying what I was told

The KS10s lack the mic placing that the P90 has, that port located to reduce wind noise. I haven’t tried P90s outside of an audiologists room, but my KS10s with EarGear sleeves handle wind noise just fine. The KS10 shares a lot/majority of the features though. The casing looks very like HAs Phonak makes for the NHS here in the UK, like the Phonak Nathos Nova (Nathos Nova - Hearing Aid - Phonak NHS). The ActiveVent receivers are an unknown quantity with the KS10, and these may be a dealbreaker to some people.

Other than that they’re very close relatives…

She’s just scaremongering, she sold you Jabra (ReSound) HAs and didn’t want to fit you with the KS10, none of what she says is being born out on any forums or from the audiology clinics elsewhere.

All of them, bar the tinnitus features, which as we all know is there,but Costco won’t set this feature up for whatever reason.

Same with the P90s really, very little evidence/feedback from people regarding this new feature from Phonak.

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Just relaying what I was told. Not sure why she would lie since they don’t work on commission, but you would know better than I.
At my follow up appointment I asked further why the KS10 would not be a candidate to trial. She said the Jabra has a better high frequency gain and that she is not recommending the KS10 unless people insist or have mild loss. She said her store has a 69% return rate on the KS10’s, double other aids, and has a very high return for quality issues.
Now, maybe she and her assistant just can’t fit the KS10 correctly. But I certainly can’t make that assumption from my limited knowledge.