What I just noticed about the KS10 whiskers

Whiskers are those springy plastic wires designed to fit within the groove of your outer ear (I think its anatomical name is the scapha) to thereby stabilize the speaker, wire and dome within the canal. Past whiskers have had a round cross-section. On my KS10’s the cross-section is flat, like a ribbon. I think that’s intentional: the ribbon enforces a correct orientation and has a greater contact area than a round cross-section. Nice!

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Sports lock or retention wire. Cats are for whiskers.

Whiskers, you must mean the sport/retention lock, as stated.

Thanks for its official name. Mine always came with the retention device attached.
Do you have an opinion on the flat ribbon design?

The flat ribbon ones do a better job on yer teeth.

Last time mine were serviced the retention wire on one aid kept slipping out of my ear. Next trip to Costco, I showed it to the lady at the HA desk who told me it had been inserted wrong. She replaced the wire & now it works better.

When I use the little wax cleaning loop, I’ve found the retention wire is useful for cleaning the wax out of the loop.