What Hearing Aid to try now?

I have just lost my Hansaton SD behind the ear hearing aid. After having them for 3 or 4 years now what would you recommend I buy now. I like the idea of rechargeable but but I have plenty of 312’s left. I had BT to TV which was nice to have around. I use a iPhone and I see that some HA control some of the features like loudness. Self programming sounds interesting…

What would you buy today?

I’ve had Starkey, Hansaton, and Phonak aids over the years. All have served me well. I now have the Kirkland KS8 which is a Rexton product and I like them better than any of my previous aids but that could be mainly due to the advancements in technology. That said, I’d just try some different brands to see which fits your needs and budget. All major manufacturers make good products. I believe Costco has the best value for your money.