What Headphones Do You All Use?



As a music lover I use over-the-ear headphones instead of streaming, but I’m encountering a bit of an issue.

Went from using a Oticon Alta 2 BTE aid with mold to a Oticon OPN RIC. Now with the RIC, I have the correct amount of high-frequency gain and with my Sennheiser HD 558 open headphones I experience an echo/reverb of fan noise at my workplace.

I’ve used open and double-vented bass domes and my assumption is that this echo/reverb is not actually the feedback supressor on the aid, but because of the open headphones. Looking to try some closed-back headphones.

Any suggestions?


I have over-the-ear Audio-Technica 40’s. I chose them for their flat unaltered sound. I mostly use my computer with flac lossless files for listening. I use an equalizer program that can control each side. I adjust it to my loss. I don’t listen via the HA’s. I’m pretty happy with the set up.


Awesome. I’m 99% sure I’m getting the Audio-Technica 50’s as I’ve heard the flat response is great for music studio work as well.

Love my Sennheisers, but apparently the open-backing + loud overhead fan noise at work + high-end hearing aid does not equal a good listening environment.


Have you seen this site?
It’s really well done in my opinion where they play sound through each headphone and then back to a reference and then to another headphone. That’s where I found the 40’s had no change from the reference. I found it quite startling how some headphones color the sound. I didn’t want that.
The 40’s also do a bit of a job in a plane. Makes things a little more peaceful.


That’s very helpful! Yeah I’ve tried using the Sennheisers on a plane and the open-backed does very little for reducing external noise.


I have a JBL Everest 700, is great over the ear. I use it with OPN under it. The are big and give no to much feedback.


Here is a fairly current article on the subject that may be helpful:


I do not have a HA yet, but expect that I will within a few weeks. I have always loved my AKG702’s which are no longer made, but if you look around can be found for under 200.00 (brand new) I enjoy them more than the Sennheisers. I listen to many types of music with them and never have had any listener fatigue. For wireless I use AKG Y50BT, not as great as the 702 but for the iphone etc very satisfying and does a good job on the plane in lieu of a noise reduction headset. The 702’s on a plane - not so much.


I like Audio Technicas! I really do! They make some awesome microphones as well. The AKG 702’s – yes! Very nice!

But nothing will every come close to my beloved Sony MDR-7506’s.

The World’s Favorite Headphone yeah!

Oh and you totally look like a pro! That matters.


From that sound comparison on one of those videos I linked to before…I just don’t like the idea of the headphones changing the sound for itself. I re-listened and was blown out by the highs (which for folks with high loss may be advantageous :slight_smile: ) and then re-listened to my brand and I could barely tell the difference from the reference sound.
I would rather alter the sound myself than the headphones uncontrollably changing it for me.
But of course perceiving sound is always completely subjective. So whatever floats your boat.


I got a set of Sennheiser RS 175 wireless headphones, and they work great with my Resound Forte 8 HAs. They are over the ear closed back type.


I’m curious about this. I’ve read hints of it here and there. What do you mean works great? Simply that you leave the HA’s on and the headphones don’t interfere with them too much maybe for fit and feedback? That the HA’s are also picking up sound from the headphones and relaying that into your ear along with anything natural that you might still have? Something else?


Yep, they fit over the HAs fine. No feedback, and the HAs hear the sound from the headphones. I get way way more low midrange and bass with the headphones on, the end result is a much more full-range sound for me than the HAs alone listening to the home theater’s speakers and subwoofer.


Interesting. I get more low-end as well using headphones, but that’s in comparison to streaming.

If I use my home theater setup or studio monitors the bass/low-end is similar to headphones.


Sennheisers have a larger (taller) ear cup than other brands I know of. This allows for less feedback/more space between the aid and the ear cup.

Sound-wise, not a ton different from holding a phone to your ear.


z10user2, if you don’t mind, what equalizer program do you use? I am running Windows 7.



Equalizer APO. I have W10. I found it on sourceforge before they re-did their site. I don’t think I’m a moron but it’s a little technical to figure it out but once you get it, I find it works very well. (the program not the site :slight_smile: )


I use the Bose Quiet Comfort 30 headphones. They’re not necessarily an audiophile’s dream but they’re the best in noise cancelation especially on airplanes.

Plus they’re roomy on the inside so they cover up my OPN well and they’re no feedback with them on, when playing music or when not playing music.


I might just check these out. Love my Sennheisers, but the feedback/reverb created is annoying. Should look into noise-cancelling.