What Headphones Do You All Use?



As a music lover I use over-the-ear headphones instead of streaming, but I’m encountering a bit of an issue.

Went from using a Oticon Alta 2 BTE aid with mold to a Oticon OPN RIC. Now with the RIC, I have the correct amount of high-frequency gain and with my Sennheiser HD 558 open headphones I experience an echo/reverb of fan noise at my workplace.

I’ve used open and double-vented bass domes and my assumption is that this echo/reverb is not actually the feedback supressor on the aid, but because of the open headphones. Looking to try some closed-back headphones.

Any suggestions?


I have over-the-ear Audio-Technica 40’s. I chose them for their flat unaltered sound. I mostly use my computer with flac lossless files for listening. I use an equalizer program that can control each side. I adjust it to my loss. I don’t listen via the HA’s. I’m pretty happy with the set up.


Awesome. I’m 99% sure I’m getting the Audio-Technica 50’s as I’ve heard the flat response is great for music studio work as well.

Love my Sennheisers, but apparently the open-backing + loud overhead fan noise at work + high-end hearing aid does not equal a good listening environment.


Have you seen this site?
It’s really well done in my opinion where they play sound through each headphone and then back to a reference and then to another headphone. That’s where I found the 40’s had no change from the reference. I found it quite startling how some headphones color the sound. I didn’t want that.
The 40’s also do a bit of a job in a plane. Makes things a little more peaceful.


That’s very helpful! Yeah I’ve tried using the Sennheisers on a plane and the open-backed does very little for reducing external noise.


I have a JBL Everest 700, is great over the ear. I use it with OPN under it. The are big and give no to much feedback.


Here is a fairly current article on the subject that may be helpful:


I do not have a HA yet, but expect that I will within a few weeks. I have always loved my AKG702’s which are no longer made, but if you look around can be found for under 200.00 (brand new) I enjoy them more than the Sennheisers. I listen to many types of music with them and never have had any listener fatigue. For wireless I use AKG Y50BT, not as great as the 702 but for the iphone etc very satisfying and does a good job on the plane in lieu of a noise reduction headset. The 702’s on a plane - not so much.