What has everyone's best and worst memories being a hearing aid wearer?


Speaking Only on my own experience since 1998 - My best experience with "HA have been with the ITE Units Not the BTE units simply because I have small ears and the BTE units need to be placed “hanging” from the top of the ear. they very often came off my ears. I changed to ITE ear unit after several episodes with the BTE units and I found them most comfortable and easy to wear. The Audioligist took an impression of my ears and within two keeks I have the HA with a perfect fit inside my ears.with no falling off problem.
The issue of being notice is of little value since the BTE units can easily be seen/noticed by any observant of your ears.
For those who wear the BTE units if they have similar experiences like I did. I would suggest to try the ITE units anf find for yourself is the results are positive. Good Luck


Funniest: Years ago when I was single, on a few dates when we got close in certain positions, date would say, “What’s that noise?”


Never had an issue with BTEs.


My funniest was while eating quietly with a few co-workers I placed my hand over the aids to cause a squeal… they did not realize where “that noise” came from. The best is realizing how many sounds you did not hear… birds, cicadas, paper crumpling sound… and the strangest…pee hitting the toilet bowl water…LOL


Best: Being able to actually speak on a phone. The Widex Beyond for iPhone are by far the best HAs I’ve worn in 17 years.

Worst: My first pair of HAs were not fitting well, gave me significant feedback and I struggled for weeks going back/forth to the audiologist. Long story short, my molds were swapped with another patient of my audiologist. I’m just under 6’, the other patient is just under 5’. The serial numbers on our HAs were swapped and I had to deal with trying to fit his HAs. I almost gave up.

Funniest: I had an iCom device and streamed music from my phone on the train into work every day. I once didn’t pair it correctly and assumed I was streaming cheesy 80s music on a quiet car but was actually blasting the music from my phone’s speaker out loud. An embarrassing ride into the city.


Best -every day some favorite sounds of Hearing birds, coyotes howling, my puppies playing,my children , music,etc

Some bad times.- as a child ,while wearing a full ear mold, made of hard plastic ,with a large button receiver,attached , I stepped on a rake, took a full hit on the receiver / ear mold ,bam. I saw stars …Stund , after reilizing what happened I then proceeded to step on the rake again Lol. Can you feel my pain
I still do not like rakes. Always try to place them where no one can step on them.

Scariest -Woke up on my 21st birthday , and it was so so quite. First thought No tinnitus, :slight_smile: awesome …/After a few minutes I Thought hearing aid was broke ,then Realized I could not hear at all any more.
Stayed in bed for weeks , nevertheless ,after a few weeks my normal hearing slowly. Came back
Asked doc why I could not hear. He wrote on paper , we are not sure how it was possible for you to hear as well as you did , before this happened. You should be deaf.


Maybe. Our dog chews my kids’ phone earbuds. It just likes ear wax. It follows the cats around, licking their ears, and does it to people if it gets a chance.


Best: Hearing crickets at I was sitting at my kitchen table. I had no idea there were crickets in my neighborhood at all, let alone that I could hear them from inside the house! I went outside and stood there forever, marveling as I kept opening and closing the battery compartments on my HAs – crickets, no crickets, crickets, no crickets. My kids (9 and 13 at the time), were unimpressed. “What do you mean you never heard the crickets? They’ve always been there!”

Worst: The batteries always die at the most inopportune times. Also, in church my HAs pick up the whispering sounds of people whispering behind me, which drives me absolutely insane. (My new HAs that I just ordered and will get on Monday will allow me to control the mic directionality from an app, which I can’t wait for!)


LOVE all the stories here - I can relate to a lot of experiences, too. For me:

BEST - Being able to stream those tedious, long calls to Anthem, or make airline reservations, or deal with any billing discrepancy at all via the phone. Now my mother-in-law, mom and husband always ask me to make their long, tedious phone calls for them, cuz I can literally finish a load of ironing, prep for dinner, or make greeting cards while on the phone, trah-lah!!!

WORST: Ooof. I don’t even want to recall this one … I was spending the night at relatives, and thought I’d shut the bedroom door firmly at night? My aids were (stupidly!!!) on the nightstand next to me. Next morning I wake up, reach over to put my ITE aids in, and … um, say! What’s this!!! I see little pieces of colored wire, plastic and debris going out the bedroom door and down the hallway even. I’ll just be JIGGERED if the Weimaraner didn’t snatch one of my aids and make a snack out of it!!! Luckily, I still had one aid unharmed. But that was back when I could ill afford the aids in the first place, and didn’t have them insured.

EDIT: I almost forgot a FUNNY one: Coming over to an incredibly remote place on the Big Island, feeling so smug with my full set of Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids, TV streamer, cables, et al, knowing I’d be here for 3 months, needing to arrange a complicated trip to the East Coast for fall colors as well as detailed trip to Japan, keep in touch with new owners of our rental unit here (place was sold 2 weeks into our stay), family matters, manage some BUG crises here in our unit, yada yada … and joke’s on ME: NO CELL PHONE coverage at all for T-Mobile. No phone = no streaming = use landline = carpal tunnel syndrome on phone for HOURS with all the various action items. At least the TV streamer is hooked up and working A-OK!!!

Life: it’s curve balls comin’ atcha.


Weimaraner-Puppies-37-Pictures-4 :wink:




I am new to these. Have had my hearing aids about a month.
Funniest / could have been worst - I am a health care provider and I started wearing hearing aids in the worst flu season we have had in awhile. We have been wearing a mask with every patient we see. I went to wash my hands in the bathroom and went to remove the mask and the hearing aids went flying out of my ears across the room just missing the toilet.i had visions of $5000 going down the drain literally.
Best- am working on it but haven’t found it yet.


My best is first time I had a pair of hearing aids: I was standing at the sink and just turned on the water when I heard a strange sound. it took me about a minute to pinpoint where the sound was coming from; right in front of me! it was the water from the faucet hitting the stainless steel sink. I had never heard it before that I remember. it was slightly embarrassing to take a minute to pinpoint where the sound was coming from up to then I never had a pair of hearing aids just one and that was only for about 4 years.

my worst time was when my pug got a hold of one of my hearing aids - she broke the case and it was out of warranty. This was the second time a dog had gotten one of my aids. the first time I was 12 or 13 and there was nothing left of it just little bits and pieces. you think I would have learned my lesson about dogs and hearing aids the first time and not 20 years latter. I still don’t know what prompted her to get on the chair that was in front of my workbench where I had set my hearing aid. but I know now that a waist high bench is no place to set your hearing aid even for a minute. I can’t even remember why I had it out I think my inner ear was sore at the time. Must have figured a few minutes rest would be great without running back upstairs to put it in it’s case. i still have the hearing aid and that was about 10 years ago.


Best: Either the few years I used an Oticon BTE with the perfect custom mold and had 0 issues of feedback or fitting issues until the mold cracked, or when I finally decided to try a Oticon OPN RIC aid and not needing a custom mold. This allows me to actually be set to my audiogram so bathroom fans and music hi-hats are actually audible.

Still working out the kins with programming and dome fitting but it’s amazing.

Worst: Proably when that perfect custom mold cracked + my audiology clinic stopped taking medical assistance insurance. This led to a year and a half of mold attempts plus trying Widex, ReSound, and Siemens aids until I said screw it and bit the bullet financially to go back to Oticon.


worst are greater portion than best
best we need silence one to one talking is boon
worst noise is biggest enemy and group talking in noise or speech from distance or of speaker(due to limit of increasing SNR in critical acoustic situation)
if we wont tell them we not hear’d or not give right response counter party becoming angry despite seeing HA.
on taking food we cant talk with any body while chewing.
loneliness due to we are far behind in every sphere work social etc…


Best would have to be recently at a Work conference. Took my aids out for a few seconds and could hardly hear the audience members who were not wearing a mic. With my aids, I was following along very well.

Worst is the beginning. I had unrealistic expectations of what hearing aids could and would do. Once my expectations were tempered, I have really realized the benefit of my aids.

Funniest. Too many to list, but many of the mishearing where I thought someone said something really dirty. Given the context I realized they didn’t, but in my head it was quite funny.


I’ve only needed hearing aids since I was in my fifties. It’s interesting, and touching, to read your answers, those of you who have needed them for a long time. And it makes me realize how lucky I was to enjoy totally normal hearing for so long.

And, as for the best experience – I’m just appreciative of being able to hear well, or nearly so. The aids have become an appreciated part of my body, pretty much. I like them. (I’m also a self-programmer, so I get some satisfaction out of participating in making that happen.)

Worst: Except when I don’t like them. There’s still so much that I miss, so many times when an acoustic environment changes suddenly, or there’s someone I want to hear but cannot. There are just those times of utter, debilitating frustration, social isolation, and… well you know about this.