What has everyone's best and worst memories being a hearing aid wearer?


So for those of you what has been your best, funniest or worst memory about wearing hearing aids?

For me my best memory was the first time I heard rain. I’d never heard rain till I got my first pair of digital aids. Sat in the car going what the %$-@ is that noise?Everyone was amazed I’d never heard rain before of course I started crying but happy tears not Sad ones.

Worst memory having an Audi accuse me of being vain I was a teenager at the time and complained that my hearing aid whistled none stop allowing me to hear nothing. She didn’t believe that’s why I wasn’t wearing the aid that day when I visited till she listened and went oh dang that’s broken. I was so upset and mad as well as offended as I always have worn my aids despite disliking them at that point.

Funniest memory but not funny at the time, I’d put my hearing aids on the fireplace usual nightime spot high up and where my parents could grab them and check tubes or clean the she’ds foe me I’d never had an issue before, my golden retriever for some reason decided to grab them and proceeded to drop them in my garden. we spent three hours hunting for those when my mum comes running going f found them in the garden.
to this day I still wonder why my dog did that shed never touched them before or after in her life an no one had been in the garden that day I was usually first up out of the family. Funny because she didn’t chew or take items except carry socks.


Being able to listen to my iPad and iPod in public places with the Resound Linx aids. It was so easy.

The mid level Unitron aids I trialed had big square blocky receivers with sharp edges which barely fit in my right ear canal and gave me a painful ear for 2-3 weeks.
Second worst was the microphone noise from the Resound Linx2 aids which nearly drove me crazy.
Third worst was when the programming on my aids was accidentally switched side for side. Took me hours to figure out what was wrong. Just knew they did not sound correct.
Fourth worst may be when I had to give back the first free trial set of aids after two weeks of being able to hear. It was hard to go back to not hearing things again.

The times when someone thinks I cannot hear them but I can.


Best: Being able to understand my soft spoken daughter without having to ask her to repeat, and after using frequency compression being able to hear more bird songs. No real bad or funny ones yet, but give me time. :slight_smile:


Bad: Realising that I’d buried my aids under about 6 feet of sand.
Best: Remembering that I’d insured them for loss so I could finally replace them with something better.
Bad: All the times I thought I might have lost them (when they hadn’t been insured)
Worst: Your trial period on your first pair of aids is running out. They aren’t doing it for you like you’d hoped but the audiologist is telling you it will take your brain a few months to adapt. Do you hand them back? The decision!


Best: Answering a call on my iPhone for the first time with my Linx 3D Made for iPhone hearing aids. What a game changer!

Worst: Testing Phonak’s Lyric 2 hearing aids. I soooo wanted these to work but they hurt like hell and sounded terrible with any kind of noise. The concept was great and they are totally invisible but man, what a disappointment. Had to yank them out after 24 hours.

Funniest: Was sparring in a martial arts class a few years back. My opponent tried a punch to my face and brushed by the side of my head when I dodged to avoid the punch. My hearing aid went flying and when I glanced at my opponent there was a look of pure horror on his face. He didn’t know I wore hearing aids and both he, and the rest of the class thought he had ripped off part of my ear…haha.



Years ago using a power BTE and a ill fitting aging custom mould. I was in a store checking out items when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my friend about 30 feet away waving her arms and pointing to her ear. My mould was leaking a high pitch squeal and everyone in the store was hearing it.
Getting up in the morning and leaving the house for work or whatever and find yourself far away from home without thinking how quiet it has been. Then the moment you forgot the aids. lol
Very worst… while younger in noisey sports bars or any noisey place not being able to chat to my female peers.


I haven’t had any good experiences with mine. The bad is any time I have them in.


Losing my hearing aids when I was 13 on a beach in spain. I was effectively deaf for 2 weeks until we all went home !


Best: Too many to list, but in keeping with the spirit of the original post after getting my first HAs I went back to my office. I could hear the clock on the wall ticking. I had never heard it before.

Worst: Even w/HAs I often have to tell people I’m hearing impaired. If I only had a dollar for every time some smart ass replies loudly “WHAT?” Yeah asshole, you’re the first person to ever think of that clever comeback.

Funniest: I wear Oticon’s w/a streamer. When people ask what the streamer is I explain, pointing out that it has a button that allows me to put my boss on mute. I use that as a threat w/my boss: Dude, don’t make me put you mute.


I wear a streamer now and I can listen to iHeart, hands free talking on phone, turn up volume - or mute. When I first came to work with the BT necklace hanging down, folks asked what that was and working as a school bus driver, I told them it was a de-fibulator. Shoulda seen the jaws drop. Of course I went on to explain it was a BT for my HAs.

I have tinnitus so that’s a double whammy.


My worst memory was when I went to bed with hearing and woke up the next day with my best ear sounding like it was underwater.

My best memory is turning off the hearing aid as i approached the Salvation Army kettle at Christmas.


Worst- I have an everyday, constant battle to getting people to look at me when they are talking to me, my family included. Mostly people all like to face the other way, or talk to your back not deliberately it just doesn’t occur to them that some deaf people need to lip read as well.


Best: hearing digital sound suppression for the first time; watching big screen movies and being able to understand the words without captioning; walking or running on trails and hearing all the crunching and nature sounds; pulling out the aids when the baby was crying and I needed a break (while still trying to console the child).
Worst: losing a hearing aid on a roller coaster - never was found; getting beaned in the ear with a soccer ball while wearing behind-the-ear aids - that stings!
Funny (now): realizing I’ve lost hearing aids while walking (they were in a pocket), retracing my steps and finding them 15 minutes later where they fell - good thing they had the black covers on at the time.


Thank you everyone for the replies some of your stories have me going youch especially loosing those somewhere. I will admit some had me chuckling too.


Best - using my Signia hearing aids to stream phone calls on my iPhone and actually enjoy talking on the phone again. TV the same way as well as streaming my music. All of these were a big game changer for me. I don’t dread gong to restuarants any more.

Worst - my audiologist (no longer have) ‘adjusted’ my hearing aids and I could not even hear. It was all muffled. I had to tell him to put them back to the original settings. His comment was ‘I don’t know what to do’. Scary stuff.


Louise, your funniest story is my worst fear right now. I put my hearing aids in zipped cases to protect them from our little dog, who ate most of our headphones because he loved the smell. When I first saw your post, I said, “Why the fire place, is she afraid of a dog…” I am constantly making sure I don’t leave them anywhere little Jed can climb up and glom them. Great post.


When I attend a class, I try to sit next to the teacher or leader because I noticed that everyone who speaks address their comments to the class leader. If you sit on the side or behind that person, impossible to hear.


When you are 13, losing the HAs is terrible. When you are 65, its called a vacation :wink:


@scott.weil at the time I was a kid about 10 years old. My parents had a rule my hearing aids were to be placed on the fireplace mantle overnight. wasn’t due to my dog it was a spot in clear view of me and my parents where they always got put so we didn’t have that where did I put my hearing aids moment. only ever had two issues with dogs messing with hearing aids the story above and second was my own fault had a new pup cavalier king Charles spaniel chew one of my NHS hearing aid whilst I slept. my own mistake was not putting it in drawer. Luckily because I looked after my hearing aids the replacement was Free due to being public health care but I was always warned if was a habit that hearing aids broke repeatedly my parents could be liable for a charge. The two breakages were many years apart something in the region of 15 years.


Seems to be a lot of hearing aids being eaten by dogs. I will bet the aids give off a high pitch sound while you use them or the some minor feedback that only dogs can hear. The aids are a object of irritation to them, so the dogs at any chance will destroy them. I’ve noticed while out walking the neighborhood on quiet evenings, I hearing barking dogs no matter how quiet i walk.