What Happened to Newsound?

A Chinese company called Newsound entered the USA market about a year ago. Are they still in business? Anyone have their Web address? Any dispensers selling their products? Ed

As far as I know they are still around. I never worked with any of their product, because at the time I remember looking into them, they were only a few years old. I checked out their website and it lacks anything like whitepapers or any detailed product information. This is not a good sign. Maybe I’m wrong.


any newsound news?

thanks elijah epliv@me.com

Why you put your email address on Forum elijahlovejoy? It is not safe and it is not common practice. You ask for spam man

A simple Google search will bring them up!

Try www.usnewsound.com. Their retail site used to be www.lovehearing.com. I haven’t kept track of them for several years. I had hoped they would have been able to disrupt the USA hearing aid market by now.

According to their English web site, they have no presence in the U.S. - at least they don’t say how to buy product. All phone numbers have a Chinese country code. They do list one U.S. address - someone’s home in Frederick, Md.