What feature for the future?

What crazy feature do you expect to see in Hearing Aids over the next 5-10 years and what feature would you like to see in the same period? I would like to see something that is not too crazy and could be possible. I would like to see a more universal version of what Apple has with their AirPods with their W1 or H1 chip. It allows you to easily connect between multiple devices, like an iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc. It would be nice to quickly switch between the audio from my iPhone to my Mac and then my TV. I know technically this can sort of be accomplished if I buy a bunch or hardware like tv boxes and connect them to each device, but to be able to do this directly would be nice.

I would love to see our medical research being able to regenerate our hearing so we would not have to have any aids to hear.
And my Oticon OPNs do connect to multiple devices, and it works nicely


I would like to be able to view the full setup of the hearing aids. For example what is turned on and off in each program, and what are the settings at for the adjustable features. I would also like to adjust the “comfort” features to suit myself.


I would love to see this too! I know something recently came out about this. Do you think we’ll be there in the next 5-10 years?

I plan on it but will be too old for them to experiment on me


Yeah, and anyway, I like the silence option
when the HAs are out. Sometimes a blessing.


What I would like to see is an in the ear version of my current Audeo M 90s. What I half expect is HAs that provide some type of tactile input–like a slight vibration–to alert the user when someone is approaching, or speaking, from the side or from behind you. (Not a clue how that would be done, but I’m a user not a maker.)


There is an in the ear version already. In fact, there are around 6 different models of them! From CIC up to a full concha ITE.

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and you can talk on the phone through them? wow.

Yes. The phone is easier. I have a pair of Virto V70 ITC aids. This is the equivalent of the Audeo V70. For your equivalent there is a Virto B 90 in various sizes.

I mean, hands free–bluetooth or other type of connection. Seems a bit tricky to do that, but technology,can do tricky sometimes.

  1. I would like to see signal management of speech that processes and reformats the speech heard by the HA wearer to improve annunciation and pace of delivery. This would probably also require a noise-cancelling mode of the real World spoken word so that there would not be two speech signals at the time.

  2. I would like to be able to replay the last 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds of something I just heard.

  3. I would like to see haptic feedback that would give balance signals to those at risk of falling by using added motion or g sensors.

  4. I would like to see navigation commands given when needed by adding GPS that had access to maps.

  5. I would like to see a “noise-cancelling” mode for quiet time.

  6. I would like to see an interpretation mode for foreign languages to be translated in real time into my HAs.

  7. I would like to see a “Play Program” whereby the wearer could self-fit and modify the basic Audiologist’s prescribed fitting to try and achieve a better outcome using a smartphone mode (similar to Widex Evoke but extended fitting possibilities).


I have not done it, but if you use the navigation from an iPhone won’t the commands be sent direct to the HA’s?


Now you mention it, I have already done that in my car with Miss Google Map! Old age…

How about a nag blocker? When your partner keeps nagging you, you just record the nag and instruct the aid to block it. You see their lips move but don’t hear a thing.

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How about hearing aids that can be used in the ear canal that can be worn continuously for at least a week without being taken out, that will work for even the worst hearing loss. This would allow everyone to use a phone without worrying about connectivity. Would allow the ones that wear helmets to not worry about the issues of the helmet and aids being in the way of each other. Allow the use of headphones without any issues, and be the closest to normal living and hearing as possible.


How about little solar collectors so they’d recharge automatically? (I’ve actually even seen a few golf carts here at Tucson Estates with solar panels on top.)

  1. Interaction between HA and a pair of Google glasses (or similar).
  2. Recording of conversations (like meeting).
  3. Use HA as a mic to send commands to smart homes and smart phones (like Alexa).
  4. A mode where the HA’s focus in one direction and cancel everything else (think Olsen showed that in one video).
  5. A better noice gate to heavily compress my childrens sudden high pitched screams.
  6. More bass when streaming music.

Better sound quality for music. // To listen music I do not want to take out my devices
Equalizer posibility // Filter for screaming children or bass tones etc.
Better possibilitys to stream music from bluetooth devices. // Connecting by f.i. mobile phone in an easy way
Music recognition so I do not have to go in menu’s for changing the mode.
Longer lasting batteries.
Natural sound localization // If I turn my head I want to hear what comes from that specific direction (Without wanting to make any advertising) as is f.i in the not anymore available Resound Lex800.
No more wind noice // Microphone in the earshell I do not want to hear what happens in my back direction but in front of me or where I am looking to (Lex800 style)
In the earcanal device // cosmetics

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How about a built in music player? The aid can use bluetooth to phone app to select music soundtracks. To store music soundtracks, how about a micro sd slot next to the battery?

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