What exactly is Michigan Medicine Looking for?

Let me explain the question a little deeper, I went to Michigan Medicine on 8/5 and tested with a standard hearing test battery significant hearing loss for my age I’m 28. I’ve battled hearing loss possibly since birth (Michigan Medicine isn’t sure). I was diagnosed with hearing loss in the community I live in at least ten years ago (2010) and have worn hearing aids on and off, and they are running more tests including an ABR and and MRI.

My (totally non-professional) guess would be that they are trying to rule out possible causes for your hearing loss. Probably with the MRI they are looking for the possibility of an acoustic neuroma (aka vestibular schwannoma), which is a benign tumor on the auditory nerve.
Is your hearing loss about the same in each ear or is it much worse in one ear than in the other?


I don’t know agree with that response completely. Had the same testing done. Found nothing. Be glad they’re making an effort to make sure your loss isn’t something that’s easily treatable


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If you have an audiogram you can chart it in your details, that will give us an idea what your hearing loss is. And possibly be able to answer your question instead of wild guesses.

I’d guess that they are looking for auditory neuropathy with the ABR and structural anomalies with the MRI (e.g. EVA).